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It was early Monday morning, i went downstairs to pick up my laundry and activate my room key and felt the fresh morning air. I told my room mate that we should go biking somewhere in the morning instead of in the afternoon. I did a ride through Kralingen lake on Tuesday afternoon, and it was exhausted (though that day i was not fasting yet and could get a drink) though it was fun as well. And so we did start!

Afternoon ride to Kralingen Lake (mas Deva’s picture)

It’s been 3 days since we’ve started our Early Bird Bike Club (me named it, we don’t really have an official name yet haha πŸ˜€ ). Today is the 3rd day, but we went nowhere this morning. I texted the other girls telling them i’m not feeling so good coz yesterday i came back home late at night, after spending the whole day in Masjid (Mosque), preparing meals for iftar (buka puasa) with some PPMR friends. To make it worst, yesterday i was so upset! I dunno what’s wrong with my hands for making mistakes (so many times!) in the kitchen on this last few days 😦 I’ll tell you later about the stupid accident i caused yesterday in Masjid Kitchen. But not now, i don’t want to ruin this bright day with another kinda bad charm :-p which i already did! I woke up a bit late, 09.00 am, and a text from my mom telling me that my dad is so sad coz i did not say anything on his birthday. Gosh! I did sent my dad something for his birthday, it was just because Indonesia time zone is 5 hours ahead than Rotterdam time zone so he got my birthday wishes a little bit late. Anyway, I love my Dad. And i love hearing friends said they like kolak (kinda Indonesia sweet dishes: coconut milk, pandan scent, purple potato and banana) we made yesterday πŸ™‚ A big hug to mbak Ofi, so we’re officially PJ kolak πŸ˜€ Owh… i’m already mumbling :-p

Kolak (Mas Medit’s picture)

Owkay let’s go back to the early bird bike club! Thursday morning at 06.00 am CET, my room mate mbak Fifi and i went for a ride with our bicycles. It was very quiet in the building. We guess none of the tenants has already woke up. You know (well, as far as i know), during Ramadhan, people would like to have another sleep after sahur and subuh prayer. I would like to feel the morning breeze, freshen up my mind, do a little exercise (do ba do baaa!! i’m gaining more weight) instead. Yet, i’m gonna miss this city and its every corner, i’ll be coming back home Indonesia in less than 2 months, and i’m gonna miss every story and journey i had with Classy, my bike, even a little mark on my eye lid which i got when Classy hit me when we fell of in front of Central Station hahaha πŸ˜€ and my friend Yoan who came to my room with band aid and his silly camera to capture the picture of my swollen face (i tell you this, he also got a swollen face after hitting by a soccer ball not so long after me :-p ). So, that’s how we started our early bird bike club πŸ˜€

Morning view

On that Thursday morning, we went somewhere nearby. We passed the soccer field next to our dormitory and follow where our heart take us to (it’s so me! va dove ti porta il cuore). We turn right and followed the bicycle path up to middlelandstraat. A lot to see, nice view and fresh air in the morning ! We found some interesting corners which some reminds us to our home country. We saw the differences of that area with another area of Rotterdam. The places we went on thursday was somehow telling us that it’s occupied by migrant families. We found some Indonesia toko (shops), many Islamic Slagerij (butcher). I like the bicycle path on that area since it’s not too crowded like thet bicycle path in Rotterdam city central where you have to speed up and compete with other bikers. I have my own biking rythm, i don’t like biking in a hurry. Relax, enjoy the view along the way, take a very deep breath and let the cold wind of Rotterdam say hi to my skin, stop whenever i want to and take some pictures, that’s the bicycle riding style i like. Well, call me a slow biker hehe πŸ˜€

I think Classy also like our morning ride

Morning flowers

A piece of my home country

We just followed the path untill we reached Schiedam! Haha πŸ˜€ I always thought that Schiedam was too far to go by a bike (owh what so remind me about my biking ride to Delft in the winter time!). Schiedam is nice! Not to crowd like in Rotterdam, well maybe because it was early in the morning, but i like it! We went to the centrum, we found windmills, we took picture of morning ray of lights in front of St Luidwina Basilica, said a silly joke when a guy kept smiling and starring at us, and laughed when we took the wrong turn πŸ˜€ We also took the picture of a Turkish Masjid on our way back home. And Rotterdam-Schiedam-Rotterdam gave us 2 hours wonderful ride πŸ™‚


Rays of light, St Luidwina, Schiedam

Shchiedam Windmill

A place to seek tranquility


On the following day, we’re heading to the north. The rule is still follow your heart! And this time we went there three of us, Kittima join our club πŸ™‚ I like the different view in Rotterdam north. There were many old-european style houses and they have name! Irene, Margrit and many other beautiful eurpean ladies name. And i really fall for these houses! It was too bad i did not stop to take some of their pictures. I was too busy admiring the architecture, the Β landscape and even the interior of the houses! It’s nice how the Dutch share what they have inside their house. Through their windows I could see a vintage green book shelf (which i want to get one!), their daybed, a set of wooden dining table, dried flowers in a vas… owh i really fall for their interior and exterior style! really gives me a bunch of fresh ideas on how to decorate my la petite maison dans le bord du monde when i’m already home πŸ™‚ We did got lost, but as usual, we enjoyed every surprise we found when we get lost πŸ™‚ After all, what is “get lost” if we have va dove ti porta journey? Only two words which can be explained by fun, happiness, smile and nice surprises πŸ˜€ and then the cloudy-about-to-rain weather brought us back home…

Hillegersberg lake in the morning

A neighborhood in Rotterdam north

Lost πŸ˜€

Even children have not wake up yet πŸ˜€

Fresh flower from a public garden

I wish tomorrow we can have another early bicycle ride and have some fun πŸ™‚ Well, after hard works on thesis, we do deserve something fun πŸ™‚


Early Bird Bike Club ^__*

PS: more pictures on myΒ Album (all pictures are deary’s copyright, otherwise will be stated diffrently)