To what degree do you share your private life in social network?

To whom do you share your private life?

To public? or to whom it may concern?

The last one?Β Then why do you expose it in what so called social “public space” networks? :-p

My 14 years old cousin just got her new netbook. Happily, she thanked her parents and said that now she can do her homework while she’s mobiling from school to courses. She also told us that many of her friends always bring their computer and use it for facebooking during time break (master students also did that hahaha πŸ˜€ ). My uncle replied to her, saying she can also create her facebook account like her friends. And this little girl said “facebook? what for? i don’t see any use of telling people about your feeling and your troubles in facebook! just make people sick with your private life”.

Hahaha πŸ˜€ She’s so damn true ! I laughed at myself, yet she made me thinking of my own accounts. I have so many social network account. You name it! facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, friendster (if it is still exist), and the one you read right now, blogs. I share a lot of my private life to people, though mostly to friends and family. Well, i stop approving friend requests on facebook long time ago. Unless i know you, i won’t approve your friend requests. No wonder i have 220 friend requests waiting my approval πŸ™‚

Yes, call it self defense :-p Though i share so many things of my life to people, i try to limit it. I stop approving friend requests (unless i know them), change my privacy setting on facebook and warn myself not to post anything which is to private (i did this silly posting centuries ago :-p). And so when facebook comes with its new features, really, for me, it’s so anoying !

I went over my social network pages and looked at what did i post on them. On youtube, i share places i visited, my apartment when i was in Rotterdam (for some people this might be to private, but i don’t mind sharing it for home design lovers πŸ™‚ ), and some of my traveling stories. Then linkedin, i share almost nothing but my proffesional life. Twitter, i rarely tweet (but sometimes i spend the whole day tweeting). My tweets? Sometimes it’s just retweet of wise words, funny stories, news or replying to friends’ tweets. I think i don’t share too much of my private life for tweeps πŸ™‚

Facebook? hohoho… i do share a lot of things here! You can say you will know a lot about me through this account. I posted so many pictures, i wrote so many notes and i keep updating status πŸ˜€

Owkay let’s see to what degree do i share my private life on facebook recently!

  1. abis nonton mbak Soimah nyanyiin lagu ini, engga ngerti lirik tapi penasaran and my curiousity could kill a tiger :-p yippiee ada versi bossanova nya hehehe πŸ˜€ cool ! This is my caption for a youtube video. i don’t think it shows any of my private life. Do you?
  2. remember the song “everywhere you go, always take the weather with you” ? uhmm i guess i take summer to the wrong place! sukabumi jd panas begini >_< kipas-kipas.. hareudang pisan, pdhl mau nge-date :-pΒ Maybe you think it’s a bit of privacy-related-stuff because f the word NGE-DATE? haha, a very low level of privacy-related-stuff :-p
  3. β€Ž#iPhone 4s tuwh cuma ada warna putih & item. yaaahhhhh lagi-lagi engga jadi beli dehhh, kan gw mau nya warna pink fuschia mendekati ungu :-p *nyampah lagee πŸ˜€Β Β Nothing is about my private life πŸ™‚
  4. waktu ke Groningen kemaren, sempet masuk toko handycraft yg bikin kruissteek nya baguuuusss banget πŸ™‚ jadi pingin bikin beginian lagi, taplak, tatakan gelas, cushion.. lucu juga kali ya? πŸ˜€ kruissteek=cross stitch=kristik. di sukabumi, dimana beli bahan & peralatan nya yaaa? colek mbakΒ Bertha Hetty WidyaningsihΒ deh πŸ™‚ This was my caption when i shared a link on my fb account. I did said about groningen and thing i wanna do, but it’s not a private thing. It’s a link for public who also likes handycrafting stuff like me πŸ™‚ So, it’s about things i like, but not a private one πŸ˜€

I guess recently i’m not making you all sick with any of my private life, right? πŸ™‚

But i’ve been there, done that.. long time ago. Silly πŸ˜€ i posted and showed my feelings and my problems on my wall and let people comment on that. I have no idea why did i do such a thing :-p Perhaps i want people to give their symphaty (Gosh! they might pity on me instead of symphaty :-p) over my owh-so-miserable-unsolved-problems, or i did need suggestions from others, or i did wanted people to pity on me?? Let me use Raditya Dika’s term on most of his funny tweets “PENGGALAUAN”, yes kinda thing of postings and status updates!Β hahaha how silly it was :-p

Now, i do try to limit myself not to expose my private life to social networks and let people talk behind me for my own stupidity πŸ™‚ I still do sharing my life to social network but in a moderate and more reasonable degree. Please do let me know if i’m mumbling around with my private life on “public space”!

I remember few days ago, one of the tv shows (NHK world chanel) talked about how IT and gadget change people behaviour and their view of privacy. More or less, one of the sources (was it Prof Tamasaka, or Tasakama? anything sounds like that, i don’t remember) said that nowadays people tends to talk about their problems on social networks, which is bad because you should talk to the one you have problem with not anyone else whom you do not know and do not know exactly what is your problem. He also said that people seems to less appreciate their close friends/relatives, the one that around them in reality not virtually. Instead, they trust and share their problem to “virtual” people.

And today, this is an excerpt from what i read on The Jakarta Post Weekender:

…Today, mobile phones have become common devices. Even my maid has two, one for her boyfriend and one for her parents. Her phone juggling can be disturbing, like when she chatters away to friends while cooking, but she insists we have no right to meddle in her private life.

I am one of those men who will rush home as soon as I realize I have forgotten my cell phone. Forgetting to bring my wallet is not a big deal but it’s vital to make sure my phone is with me before leaving the house.

Have you ever caught your spouse or your children peeking at your SMS or MMS in your cell phone, or reading your emails on your laptop? Have you ever been questioned like a criminal suspect because the contents of the messages are considered dubious? To be honest, I once endured that painful experience.

Yes, it is a must to use these sophisticated and convenient tools of communication nowadays. But many couples have split because of this modern technology and its consequences in their lives.

I admit I am not very different from other husbands and fathers. So I keep my cell phone, and its contents, close by.Β 

Does this article give you something ? As for me it does! You can see how gadget and IT sometimes change the way people trust each other. Why so? you can answer it yourself πŸ™‚

Goodnight, readers πŸ™‚