Hello, readers!

Hidup itu sebuah siklus, percaya ga? Aku siy percaya, ada saatnya kita kembali mengulang hari-hari dan cerita masa lalu. Apa niy? Mulai nyampah lagi dengan private life? Hahaha engga lah :-p But these past few weeks and pas few days feels like my old days 7 years ago. Iya, waktu itu aku masih fresh graduate, nganggur (baca: lagi nunggu hasil test ini itu demi sebuah pekerjaan impian) dan baru memulai hari-hari ku di kota yang sejuk ini. Tujuh tahun kemudian, which is now (yaiyyyy! It’s exactly 7 years ! 16 october 2004 to 16 october 2011), aku kembali menjadi seorang fresh graduate (baca: lagi nunggu surat pengembalian dari sponsor ku biar bisa kembali ditugaskan mengaudit ini dan itu) dan baru memulai kembali hari-hari ku di sini.  Ehhh, berapa tadi ? T U J U H T A H U N??? Hahaha time flies 😀 I’m an old lady :-p

Well, that was an itermezzo! What I’m trying to say is that being an unemployee brings me a thousands tons of boredom ! Iya siy, aku bukan yang bener-bener pengangguran. I have a job, and some responsibilities are waiting for me around the corner. If only they sent me the official letter stating I have finished my study, I would have started working immediately. In fact, my employer has already asked me back to the office as soon as possible. But still I have plenty of excuses, uhmm… mainly because I don’t have uniforms yet. My taylors, they are still working on that  :-p I have outgrown my uniforms for these past two and half years. Just blame it on the cheese, stroopwaffel, olliebollen, milk, kapsalon, my own desserts  and so many delicatessen, parties and potlucks I had when I was in Europe :-p

And so I try to make myself busy. Though I will have my own house renovation project (which is not started yet, we’re still making best plan of it), I have to find something else to do. I go swimming with my private swimming instructor (hehehe I’m  bad at swimming, that’s explain 😀 ), blogwalking and blogwriting, go back and forth from my uncle house to my own house almost everyday, get socialized (I’m going to join a new Qur’an Recitation group. Though the atmosphere and the people won’t be the same like my Qur’an recitation group in Rotterdam, I hope it’s worth joining). But still, I have plenty of time (funny how I was like never got enough of time when I was in Rotterdam). In Rotterdam I felt like I have lotsa things to do. If it’s not the thesis work, it would be cooking, biking, discussion at Mesjid and sometimes travelling. But here, what to do? Travelling? Uhmmm… the traffic from and to this city is awfull! I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere with it. So, what now?

Tadaaaaaa ! Adalah beberapa foto di hari-hari terakhirku di Belanda kemaren, foto-foto yang aku ambil di salah satu toko di Groningen, Toko kruissteek Sajet, yang sangat menginspirasi : ) Senang deh berada di dalam toko itu, display hasil kruissteek nya cantik-cantik, dan bahan serta peralatan sulam nya lengkap banget, engga Cuma kruissteek tapi juga needle work. Yup, I’m thinking to make kruissteek! I think it will be fun spending my time doing something nice and I like it 😀

si toko kruisteek yang menginspirasi itu 🙂

some of the kruissteek works in the shop

Dulu banget, pertama kali aku bikin kruissteek adalah waktu di sekolahan, SMP gitu deh. Diajarin guruku bikin perbagai macam basic stitch (tusuk) untuk kerajinan kruissteek di selembar kain strimin yang lalu aku jadiin hanged pocket buat naruh pernak pernik ku waktu abege dulu hehe 😀 Terus seingetku aku pernah bantuin tanteku nyeleseiin kruissteek nya beliau. Waktu itu bulan puasa, bosen tiduran mulu or baca komik, aku coba-coba bantuin bikin kruissteek nya. Dulu itu kruissteek nya lalu dijahitin jadi satu set cushion & table linen gitu. Seneng loh rasanya 😀 tapi terus aku engga pernah bikin lagi, been busy with other things cuy :-p

But this boredom really could kill me :-p And so I started googling anything about this kruissteek work. And I found a lot of interesting fact about this craft work 😀 Katanya siy kerajinan ini adalah salah satu warisan zaman penjajahan Belanda. Di Belanda kerajinan ini disebut nya ya KRUISSTEEK, terus klo negara western lainnya menyebut nya CROSS STITCH, dan kita menyebut nya dengan sulaman kristik ato lebih populer dengan nama sulaman strimin.

Terus, kruissteek ini menurutku termasuk scientific craft since it requires math! Yes, in order to make a good kruissteek that fit into the material, you have to calculate and makes grid pattern. Here is an example I got froom googling:

This example uses 14ct cloths (will talk about it later). The size of the pattern is 300×200 stitches (300 height and 200 width). And so the formula are —-à

Design size = (stitches : ct) x 2.5

Cloth size = design size + 10cm (this additional 10 cm is for framing)

So, what is the cloth size for 300×200 stitches pattern (if we use 14ct cloths)? Here we go!

The height will be ((300:14)x2.5 )+10cm) = 63.5 cm à make it 64 cm
The width will be ((200:14)x2.5)+10cm = 45.7 cm à make it 46 cm
Therefore you need a 64cm x 46 cm 14ct cloths for your 300 x 200 stitches pattern 😀

Confused? Hahaha 😀 there was a kruissteek link provided kurissteek calculator but too bad I did not bookmark  the link. I have to check it from my webpage history. But you can google it yourself with keywords of kalkulator kristik, cross stitch calculator or kruissteek calculator.

And this one is really kewwwwlll (read: cool :-p )! I found some free online software which can convert your photo into kruissteek pattern! See how I made a kruissteek pattern from my photo (taken by my friend Dian Skw aka Dian MSc in Maaswijk, Rotterdam 😉 )

Photo taken by my friend


Kruissteek from photo

And these are the links!

  1. www.picturecraftwork.com/
  2. www.myphotostitch.com

The first link, I like it for it converts your picture very detail but you can only download your pattern for free if it’s less than 1000 stitches otherwise you have to pay around 5-7 dollar (for pattern, and list of colors). Hey listen, I have a trick for that, so you don’t have to pay ! When you have your photo converted into kruissteek pattern, click the icon above the picture saying Preview. You will have a pop up window, and then right click on it and save picture as then you will have your photo kurissteek pattern! Easy, hehehe 😀 but the picture will be saved in PNG format. You can use another software to change the file format into JPEG ( I used my arcsoft photo studio software). But PNG file is also good, you only have to print it and make grid on it before you apply it to kruissteek cloth.

Or you can combine it with the result of the second link. The second link gives you free pattern (for kruissteek and list of colors in PDF format) but it limits the result for maximum 150×120 stitches only. So, it will be less detail compare to the result of the first one. But that is still owkay, since you can combine the pattern from the first link with the list of color from the second link 🙂

And cloths. Here they are

Kruissteek uses evenweave cloth (it has even square holes vertically and horizontally). And I mentioned about “ct” before. “ct” stands for “count”, it shows number of holes per inch of cloth. For example 11ct aida means aida with 11 holes per inch, 18 ct means 18 holes per inch. The higher the number, the smaller the holes. There are some cloths for kruissteek: aida, linen, jobelan and lugana. But the most popular one (according to some kruissteek blogs) is aida. Wikipedia says the cloth name was inspired by Verdi’s opera “Aida”. See how each beauty relates? 😀 and don’t forget to choose a good quality embroidery floss. From links I read, they always say somethingabout DMC floss. I think it’s the most popular floss for kruissteek.

How to make kruissteek? IMO, it’s a lot easier than any other craft works 😀 You can start your kurissteek from the center. So first thing to do is making the gridlines and fin the center. Fold the pattern or the cloth lengthwise and widthwise and you will find the point in the middle is the center. You can start your kurissteek there. You have to be nsync and follow the rhythm when you stitching. Simply, you should work the same way. If you start your cross this way ///// then you have to start every row with //// rhythm 😀

Owh, don’t forget to use a tapestry needle which has a large eye and blunt end. You don’t need sharp end because what you have to do is going through the holes of the fabric.

I’ve got a message! Gotta check it now! Owh it’s my first order! From my Mom, she wants me to make a kruissteek table linen for her 😉 I guess tomorrow morning I have to go to toko Renda to get the materials. She wants her table linen right on my next graduation day (the second graduation but next year hehe).

Happy kruissteek-ing, readers!