Taking a twelve hours bus ride for the first time after one year, going back to the city where you had a lot of stories and memories -good ones, silly ones- the house where you stayed and seeing some familiar faces certainly gives you kinda mixed feeling. And so i played only one song for the last 6 days, all of this mixed feelings were on that song.

So, listen toΒ this song, somehow sounds so europe ^^

Pretty nice melodies, don’t you think ? i like it! as i like coming back to Jogja, seeing my old friends and having an impromptu journey to Solo…

On The Way to Jogja

what i have for traveling: my mini computer, agenda, umbrella, snacks, some medicines, etc

I’ve been traveled here and there alone. So, adding another solo traveling to the list is not a big deal. But i had a small trouble with my tummy this time! Dunno whether that was my gastritis saying hello or only the uncomfortable feeling of having a 12 hours bus ride after so long. I had nausea, but i always had some of these tablets in my purse. I took one tablet and tried to relax (sleep, yes!). The guy next to me was also being nice to me. He kept telling me where we were everytime i woke up from my sleep with a confused face. He told me our bus stopped every 1 meter! Yup, there was an accident and it got all of us into an awfull traffic jam! I arrived in jogja six hours late than usual! And that poor guy next to me, he said he’s ready to get another punishment from his employer for coming late haha πŸ˜€

Small ReunionΒ at HollandΒ Education Fair

My bus arrived in Jogja six hours late. Jogja was so hot unlike Sukabumi. I can feel my chubby cheeks got sunburn but i had so little time to complain about the weather :-p So, i rushed to a friend’s house, took showered, changed my clothes, and ate some breakfast before i went to the Phoenix hotel where my Almamater held an event.

I was expected to be in the hotel on time and helped the team to promote my almamater. So i was there, together with some other alumni. It’s nice to meet some friends from the class since it’s almost two months after our graduation.

But what fascinated me was not that πŸ™‚ It was the visitors! haha πŸ˜€ I felt like i was a real sales promotion girl, promoting a product πŸ˜€ Sarah said i am good at promoting πŸ˜‰ Well, i was trying my best. Though sometimes the visitors were not always nice a.k.a annoying :-p

Just like some of these young fellaz, maybe on their first or second year at college. They came to my desk asking about my campus and its program and then their question turned out to be out of topic! What on earth made them asking about my personal ? And then they judged my occupation as a public servant negatively! Owkay, that was not them but one boy. Ouchh i really wanted to punch him right on his face! Owh wait, when was the last time i said this sentence??? haha, it was my first case, an investigation audit, which had made me said this rough sentence! Who says i can not be angry? :-p

Another fella came to my desk asking for PhD program. I told him we don’t have it yet and offered him some other program provided by my university. But Β then he came back and forth to our booth :-p he said he already had his master degree in civil engineering. I told him i also studied civil engineering previously. He told me he’s interested in studying transportation. I told him to go to TU Delft booth and he said he’s been there and didn’t interested in their program. And so i explained him some of our programs which relate to civil engineering. Pfuuhhh…I finally succeed making him fill in the registration form. But then when we were about to finish the event i went look at all of the forms and there i found a form with a big PhD in bracket. Hahaha, it must be him πŸ˜€ A very tough stubborn young man, at least he knows exactly what he wants. I wish you had a chance to continue it to PhD level, i do wish! πŸ™‚

And here i also met my classmate when i studied Dutch language. Too bad we couldn’t talk like the old days since i was busy answering question from the visitors but we managed to meet the next day πŸ™‚

The Old House and Our Stories

I went to the old house where i had stayed for one year in Jogja. Everything remains the same except those girls whom i never met during my stay. The tv room where we got together during rainy and dark nights without electricity, the terrace where some of my friends came to chat or study, the kitchen where i sometimes (always) screamed because of the mice… I hate them (i never see any mice in Rotterdam πŸ˜€ ) !

I found my old bag in the living room corner. I thought pak Ingin (the housekeeper) has already thrown it away but no. it’s still there. It’s sad to find it. It was my birthday gift from my sister but i could not keep it any longer so i left it there when i departed to Rotterdam. It’s like remembering the old good times which have turned to the bad times. You can’t keep such a thing in your memory, can you ? Sometimes you have to release things and let go πŸ™‚

Owh dear old house…

The Real Reunion

The last time we saw each other was years ago when we were still studying in Universitas Indonesia. So we promised to see each other when i came to Jogja as he is studying in this city now. But a silly missunderstanding have made us postponing it!

It’s silly how we could only meet on the last day. We laughed when we knew we’ve been waiting reply from the wrong numbers πŸ˜€ I texted him to his old number and waited for reply and he misstyped my number so he kept sending text to the wrong number, got no reply as well :-p We’ve been busy with our mind and kept wondering why wouldn’t she/he reply if he/she wants to see me? haha πŸ˜€

Lesson learned: be straight to the point, ask and find out the reason instead of guessing πŸ™‚

If i did not have a train to catch, maybe we could stay and talk a little longer. Well, it’s really nice to have some old friends back to your life.

PS: to whom it may concern πŸ™‚ thanks for lunch, delivering me to the station and accompanying me waiting for my train πŸ™‚

Solo, One of a Kind Stories, Fear and Laugh

I could not get the ticket back home. I guess everyone decided to come home on that pretty date of 11-11-11 (for me, it’s just numbers:-p). So, i decided to take the invitation to stay over in one of my friend’s place in Solo.

Have i told you that if you always (trying to) be a nice friend in good and bad times (i know i’m not that nice though), you’ll be granted some privileges when you are least expecting themΒ πŸ™‚ Just like what i had experienced last week. I had some old friends, whom i haven’t seen for years, have been very helpful during my short stay in Jogja & Solo.

I took a train ride to Solo. I was expecting that our transportation system is somewhat like the transportation system in Europe (am i expecting too much?). Well, yeah it’s funny how i sometimes feel uncomfoertable and unsecured traveling in my own country. I texted some friends asking about how good is the train from Jogja to Solo. I also talked to some other friends on facebook and some other friends helped me from YM. And my friend who delivered me to the station stayed with me until my train departed, maybe he read my worry mind. Hahaha it’s a way too much for an impromptu short trip Jogja-Solo πŸ˜€

Inside Madiun Jaya train

The train was good enough. It was MJ train or Michael Jacks.. erghh ? Madiun Jaya train πŸ˜€ I guess we bought it from Japan. What makes me glad was the destination display, so i don’t have to count from station to the next station or asking people where shall i hop off. The interior reminds me of trains, metros, and trams in europe. Well, except for the sounds of gamelan & tembang jawa they played in the train and the stranger faces around me πŸ™‚

Though it sounds a bit weird, i catched a strange feeling, a bit of uncomfortable feeling of the security and safety issues. Hey, all of these people speak bahasa! Shall it sooth my mind but not really :-p I remember the time when my friends and i traveled by train to Berlin and Budapest where most of people don’t speak English but we didn’t feel uncomfortable nor scared. Strange huh ?

The train departed from Jogja as the rain pouring down. I sat on the first coach. The seat number seems to be unfamiliar for the passengers for they choose their seat as they like. But the girl in front of me had successfully claimed her seat from the previous passenger. The other girl decided to wait untill somone kick her out form the seat she occupied πŸ˜€ Lucky me for coming earlier and had my seat otherwise i had to claim my seat from other passenger which is not a nice thing to do since some of the passengers do not pay attention to kinda regulation :-p We really have to educate our people on how to use public transportation πŸ™‚ and maybe someday, we will have a very nice public transportation system and users just like in European countries.

The seat issue had brought us, the girls who unfamiliar to each other, to a nice chit chat during the trip. The girl who sat in front of me said she’s celebrating her birthday on 11-11-11. Then we talked about people who choose that day as their wedding day and also mothers who decided to have caesar surgery to deliver their babies on that day. It’s owkay for wedding but for delivering a baby?? Silly don’t you think? I remember one of my friend in Rotterdam said in Netherland, caesar surgery for delivering a baby is an option only for an emergency case eg abnormal pregnancy, but here, mothers gave birth to their babies through caesar surgery just because of the 11-11-11 number ! What the hell was in your mind, ladies ?? Owkay, enough with that :-p

Tahu Kupat

Solo was rain during night so we only had a little sometimes for culinaires. I tried Timlo. It’s sweet. I guess people in Solo likes sweet because i saw crackers packed with sweet soya sauce inside. The next day i tried tahu kupat. I thought it looks like sundanese kupat tahu (one of my fave) but it’s different. It (again) has soya sauce with small chilli slices. They really like sweet πŸ™‚ My friend and i was about to try another cullinaire which is surabi notosuman when we had the accident 😦 Will talk about it later…

batik tulis karya Bulik πŸ™‚

It was nice to stay with Ibu and Bulik πŸ™‚ They talked to me in Javanese and in Bahasa. I guess if i stay a little longer with them i will be able to speak Javanese and make batik tulis of my own πŸ™‚ Yes, Ibu and Bulik run their own batik course. Ibu showed me her batik painting which is cost about 2-4 million. Wowwww ! It’s a very nice one, classic yet expensive πŸ™‚ Bulik’s batik is also nice. She prefer colorful batik. I was fall in love with one of her batik, purple with so many butterflies. But then i grabbed another maroon batik πŸ™‚ I decided to give it for my mom’s birthday next month. For me? i can wait a little sometimes untill i have enough money to buy another one hehe πŸ˜€ Well, batik tulis is really nice!

Traditional Batik Market, Pasar Klewer

Uhmm… what shall i tell you about Solo? I did not explore the city too much because i woke up late and then had a motor accident 😦 I went to pasar klewer (Klewer market=batik market just like Beringharjo) but i couldn’t stand of the crowd and Solo hot weather. I felt dizzy, so we decided to go to another place after buying some batik prayer mat. It was on our way to serabi notosuman (famous traditional pancake from Solo) we had the accident. I was enjoying the city view when another motorcycle hit us from our right side. We fell off and we had to take the motorcycle to the garage. I had swollen leg and bruises in some parts. But lucky it was just that πŸ™‚ I remembered the night before when we went out for Timlo, we talked about Simoncelli’s motor accident. And when that motorcycle hit us, i screamed and felt like it’s going to be like Simoncelli’s (haha πŸ™‚ owkay, that was too much! we can skip this accident part!)

One place i would like to tell is this overrated abandoned palace of Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat. The palace was built in 1744 (wiki source) and now, just like other herritage buildings in our country, looks like an abandoned building. Well yeah, except for some abdi dalem (maids) who still loyal to the royal family, it’s now doesn’t look like a great palace. I was curious about some goddess statues in the palace and some other in the royal carriage. They’re absolutely from Europe (look at the picture below) but i couldn’t find further explanation about this statues.

I guess u couldnt find your way back home to Europe?

I spent less than an hour exploring this palace. Nothing to see except some old memorabilias and the abdi dalem, it seems to me that they only speak Javanesse. I forgot to recharged my camera so i couldn’t take many pictures. It really made the day perfect after the accident :-p

Enjoy the rest of the pictures…

javanese-european architecture


We agreed that he had a better look than any other javanese princes in this palace πŸ˜€

A very nice Solo Royal Princess, ehhh? nak begaye sikit laah :-p

Time To Go Home

I only had short trip in Solo. Maybe next time i’ll have a longer visit here, maybe i can also learn from Ibu and Bulik how to paint a batik. I had a very short batik course when i was in Rotterdam and i enjoyed it. Owh, i promised Bulik to help her to find her long lost contact acquintance who stays in Netherland, maybe i could ask some of my friends in Netherland to find their address or at least any news about them. If any of you know the family of Meneer John and Mevrouw Babes Pieplenbosch who sometimes visited Solo long time ago, please do let me know. So, i can help Bulik to see her friends again πŸ™‚