It’s like i have abundant time but no, for several reasons, I have to (again) postpone my renovation project for a while  😦 I already ordered doors and window sills and they have been sent to ma petite maison. Anyhow, it seems like i have reason to postpone the project everytime i was about to start it :-p A couple of weeks ago (or was it a week ago?) i traveled to Jogja to get graduation things done. When i came back, i still could not get labours. Seems like everybody else in the city are having construction project and left no labours for me to hire :-p and tomorrow, my employer send me to school (well, just call it school) for a full week. So? I have to postpone it again though it’s really sucks having your stuffs packed in a suitcase for months like you’re homeless :-p

And so i have more time to browse ideas for my little house (every cloud has silver lining, they say). I found some pictures that suit my taste 🙂 and i’d like to share them with you. Anyhow, i warn you not to complain as my taste is a bit like an old fashioned lady hahaha 😀 Really, i love those ideas of decorating a house in vintage old classic style. Somehow it makes home feels more like home, real home. Homey, cozy, warm and there you can also find tranquility 🙂

By the way, I don’t own any credit to these pictures. I got them while googling till i got stucked in a page own by a cat, a serious cat named Ana (Anatheseriouscat) 😀 She has so manyyyyyy beautiful pictures! Owh, she’s really a lady like cat haha 😀 here is the link. You’ll love them as i do, amazing webpage 🙂 Here are some of the pictures which i think i’ll be using for my house…

Nice colorful kitchen display

Owkay, it’s just a wooden rack. What so special then? Well, i like it because of the blend of the colorful mugs and the wooden material. These colorful mugs remind me of the colorful cat mugs in Praque. Too bad i didn’t buy any of them (regret now huhuuuu). Heyy, i feels like grandma’s kitchen, isn’t it ? I love it anyway !

rattan for living room, so homey isn't it ?

Nah, I like it like it like it ! Been looking for this kind of rattan furniture 🙂 I saw it in one of the furniture shop on my way to Bandung (Cianjur to be exact). Everytime i pass the shop i tried to take a glance on their furnitures and tried to memorize their shop adress (still i can’t remember it 😦 ). And the green color, it makes it feels like my mom’s house haha 😀 Yes, my mom loves green so very much 😀 The idea is (my idea), i’ll put one rattan sofa like this, and then put another two single chairs that go n’sync with the main rattan furniture. I already had 2 rattan boxes (bought them in Cikini, Jakarta. Seems like i collect stuff from here and there huh?), one with lid and i think i can put it in the corner, fill it with magazines and then put my purple table lamp (still on the way from Rotterdam. Owh don’t break please!) on its lid 🙂

Warm cheerful bedroom

Well, we can skip the bird cage and the hanging curtain :-p it’s a way too much for a reality fairy tale 😉 I like the whole idea of this bedroom. The light is just right and give a nice ambience to the room 🙂 Cushion, bedcover, window curtain, flowers just fell right into place 🙂 I’ll replace the colorful trays with some postcards i’ve collected during my stay in Europe. I have a very nice 3D postcard, ballerina, which i bought in Groningen museum. Eh, i will also change my bedroom’s window. I make it twice bigger that the old one, so i could get more ray of light. Uhmm.. imagining the wind blows and the sunlight wake me up in the morning… i don’t think i’ll go for work, just stay in the bedroom hahaha 😀

Well well well..

Since the project is not yet to be done, i have sometime to save up more and more so i can buy stufs and decorate ma petite maison the way i like it 🙂 If you wanna know how i decorated my house right now, i’ll tell you this. It’s still plain 🙂 I have some empty spaces and decorates some room with the only furnitures i have (wait, how many rooms do i have? sounds like a big house huh? hehehe not at all 😀 ). I pin up some butterfly brooches on the woven curtain but i only had rug instead of love seat 😀

Well well well, save up more ! 🙂

Good night readers,

I have to finish packing, will be leaving in the morning. and i also have to go back to some documents. Been so absence minded lately, he’s waiting for my comments on that. Well, maybe it’s just a short term short term memory lost. Too early to have d*m*nt** right? Owh, dont even think to have it…

Happy weekend for you all 🙂