Owh call me grumpy like a back seat driver or a grumpy old granny for i have abundant critics on the food the caterer provides us during this training :-p

Note to myself, just in case i really have a chance to own my catering company someday hahaha (amin, by the way ;-))

  1. Don’t serve toilet paper/tissue on dining table. Really, it’s a big NO though here it’s like a common thing to do (evidence, check it out on the food stalls nearby :-p). Buy and serve servetten/paper napkins instead, the costs are just the same πŸ˜‰ Owh, i remember i gave a reminder to the boys when i was unofficially “assigned” as the event organizer for Double Degree Students dinner last Ramadhan in our aparment, Weenapad. I told them i don’t want to see any toilet paper on the dining table, especially it was a dinner to honor our lecturers and friends! See how grumpy she is :-p
  2. It’s also inappropriate to serve tootpicks to replace forks for fruits! I know for some reason (being practical & cheap whatsoever), some people replace forks with tootpicks, but really, can’t you see the different use of them? :-p
  3. Table runner/table cloth/table linen is a nice point in food serving. Choose a nice one, eye catchy. Colors, embroidery, size and the theme of Β your event Β shall come as a totallity when you choose it. Owkay, let’s make it simple πŸ˜‰ Square red pattern cotton table cloth can not go n’sync with glossy dark green table linen (donker groen, some of Dutch word i could remember from my precious limited dutch word hahaha πŸ˜€ ). Where the hell is this caterer get the idea of using such color and design??
  4. I know that paper for cake decorations is a lot cheaper than placemat, still you can not use cake decoration paper to replace it. It’s really not nice to see how this caterer serve cake decoration paper and put a pair of spoon and fork on it. But i don’t think it’s really that cheap :-p What if it got stain? You can not use it anymore. You will throw it away and have to serve the new one. And the calculation goes like this, the more cake decoration paper being used, the more trees will be cut of. It doesn’t sound like this caterer uses ecogreen concept in their business :-p Moreover, if you use placemat, in the end of the day you will save more money i guess πŸ˜€
  5. Be sure of how much guest you invited, and make sure they are all well served! in other word, every guest enjoy the meals and none of them sit around the corner without food just because you miss-calculate food portion! Make sure you have enough food for every guest πŸ™‚

Owkay, that’s all for today shortcake edition πŸ˜‰

By the way, the guys next door are really annoying!! Can’t they just watch football without screaming and making noise?? Really i need a solitude time to read and study for tomorrow class, and also my goodnight sleep 😦

G’nite readers! and though i’m not a football lover, i wish our team win tonight! Yaaiyyy!! and so now u’re screaming just like them, lady? :-p

the next caterer lady ^_*