Doesn’t it feels like this sometimes? Like sentences been told in Rectoverso, like lyric been sung in Back to Heaven’s Light

Would you please take this to your consideration…

There was a point before life itself, when we all decided to forget everything we’ve known.

 Only from an experiential point of view, the question of right or wrong vanishes.

Like fellow blind travelers, we’re all blinded by our unknowingness.

I’ve forgiven him for leaving, I’ve forgiven myself for staying.

I’ve forgiven life for creating this drama of birth and death.

If once we had decided to forget, then we alone can decide to remember.

We all started the same journey.

This had been an illusion of a journey, for it didn’t have a start and didn’t have an end.

We will just find another again and reside in one another’s heart.

What’s left for me to do is to welcome you home.

Back to my heart, back to heaven’s light.


PS: taken from rectoverso & back to heaven’s light, dee Lestari.

As so, everybody talked about it on their tweets, like it hit the nail on the head 🙂