I woke up this morning with pain in my tummy. I could not stand longer when i went to the bathroom for wudhu. I walked back to my bed and slept for a while. I thought it was perhaps just a morning cramps but it didn’t stop after sometimes. I called my sister, i told her my pain, but it’s hard for her to diagnoze what was going on with me just by a phone call. So she suggested me to go to the hospital, emergency room.

I went to the hospital, to the emergency room.  I had to go to the ER merely because there’s no general practitioner available on sunday morning. My aunt tried to get her doctor but she’s not in the city. So, my uncle delivered me to the hospital. But i didn’t think i really have a serious problem with my health except the pain that i couldn’t stand.

It was the second time i went to the ER (nope, third time. i remembered my friends and i accompanied a friend to ER when we were in Jogja). The first time was a couple of years ago when i had serious infection on my digestive system. I also felt pain, nausea and i had 39,5 celcius fever. It was quite serious but i refused to be hospitalized! I hate hospital and am afraid of it. But this morning, i didn’t have nausea, and the pain came from my lower abdoment instead. That’s why i didn’t take my gastritis tablets.

Am i going to have another serious digestive problem? I tried very hard to recall what did i have during last week, the meals. I know i don’t really have a healthy digestive system like everyone else. I don’t go on a serious diet just to reduce my weight, i can’t. I drink milk while my friend lit her cigarettes 🙂 I have controled my meals though sometimes i can’t help myself from having a hot spicy food 🙂 sounds like a big baby huh? My uncle asked me did i have the same problem while i was in Rotterdam. Nope, never. It was only common nausea due to stress over thesis things or i didn’t have enough time to cook proper meals 🙂

I got my blood pressure checked. I also had the laboratory checked my blood and urine sample. And the result was good. Doctor said everything was just fine, i don’t have any infection but he suggested me to have USG check if the pain still come after i took the medicine. But i’m just owkay after i took the medicine he prescribed 🙂

Owkay, you have enough about me 🙂

It was while i was waiting for the laboratory check my blood & urine that i saw something that bothers my mind. Well, i have a very long list to hate and be afraid of hospital 🙂 (the only thing i like about hospital is this room where women happily welcome their precious little babies)

Like those i saw this morning in the emergency room. I saw blood on the floor 😦 Perhaps the night before somebody had a serious accident and the cleaning services were too tired to clean it up before another patient (like me who afraid of this kinda things) see it? I also saw an old lady with so many “life supporting equipment” on her body. I heard his son asked the doctor, and the doctor was saying sorry. He told something sounds like she was taken to the hospital in a very critical unstable condition, he even could not measure her blood pressure…bla bla bla.. sad words 😦 Another lady was signing up a letter stating that she does not want her man to be hospitalized and will take care of him by herself instead. Then there were also women rushing carried out a little baby and the nurse sighed, telling something like the hospital ran out of baby inkubator.. Owh please, save that little baby!

Untill i saw these men!

They were all look like criminal. Piercing in their ears, shabby jeans, long messy hair and look dirty (later on i saw one of them kept a gun on his jeans)! Criminals in the emergency room. They were around 4-5 men , i don’t remember, one of them sit on the wheelchair with a scars on his leg. They rushed into one room, also the doctor and nurses. I didn’t know what was happened inside the room. But my uncle told me that he recognized one of the men, a secret agent or a secret policeman. And so we guessed that the man on the wheelchair was the criminal arrested while the rest of them were the secret policemen.

And we were right! The man on the wheelchair was the criminal who had a surgery to get the bullet out of his leg! I saw another man wearing policeman jacket came and talked to the doctor. I bet the doctor asked him to get the man hospitalized due to his injury. But the policeman said something like just gave him a dead pill. The doctor smiled at him and said that normally that kind of patient has to be hospitalized but if the policemen insisted, they could carry him away by signing a statement letter. That’s the procedure, he said. I saw the policeman signed a paper. And then the other policemen took the criminal out of the room, but this time without a wheelchair! He had to jump with one leg!

Holy sh*t! Is that the procedure of handling a criminal who had just underwent a surgery??? Owh i don’t know what to say… Then they ran back to the emergency room, maybe he got his injury bleeding or something. I saw pain, scared and  exhausted on his face but I didn’t want to see his leg, afraid of what i might see. When i got my medical chek up result and went to the pharmacy, i saw this men and the criminals were about to leave the hospital. I also saw a reporter heading out his camera right to the criminal’s face.

The criminal (what is the proper word to say his name?), he’s a young man, maybe on his early  30s. I had no idea what was he did so he got shot and arrested. I pity him for what he has experienced on his youth. I pity him for everything that brings him to be a criminal. I was sorry for what i saw this morning, the way the policemen treated him like he’s a rubbish 😦 Maybe i was just being too sensitive…

But then i googled something about it though i couldn’t find the exact things. I found this thesis summary written by M. VESTA D. NAPITUPULU (i tried to insert the link but didn’t work. http://pasca.unhas.ac.id/jurnal/files/1402145f85d2e21c7dbd33a2204e0acf.pdf).

It didn’t really the answer of my question but at least i got some information related.

Dalam peraturan standar minimum bagi perlakuan terhadap narapidana yang disepakati oleh kongres pertama PBB di Jenewa tahun 1955 dan disetujui oleh Dewan Ekonomi dan Sosial dengan resolusinya tanggal 31 Juli 1975 dan tanggal 13 Mei 1977 menyebutkan bahwa pelayanan narapidana adalah perlakuan terhadap orang-orang yang dihukum di penjara atau tindakan yang serupa tujuannya haruslah sejauh mana hukumnya mengiizinkan, untuk menumbuhkan di dalam diri mereka kemauan untuk menjalani hidup mematuhi hukum serta memenuhi kebutuhan diri sendiri setelah bebas.

IMHO, criminals they are human just like us. Shall we treat them like human then? and let alone the law punish them for the wrong doing the have comitteed.

Undang-undang No. 39 tahun 1999 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia Pasal 4 menyebutkan antaralain : Hak untuk hidup, hak untuk tidak disiksa, hak kebebasan pribadi, pikiran dan hati nurani, hakberagama, hak untuk diakui sebagai pribadi dan persamaan dihadapan hukum.

Hak-hak narapidana diatur dalam Pasal 14 Undang-Undang Nomor 12 Tahun 1995 tentang Pemasyarakatan.

Hak-hak umum itu antara lain: Hak mendapatkan perawatan rohani dan jasmani, hak mendapatkan pelayanan kesehatan dan makanan yang layak, hak menyampaikan keluhan.

Well, these law maybe not suitable for those criminals who were caught in the act and not yet been processed by law. But i don’t think it makes so much different. I know nothing about law and criminals but i know every human being deserve equal right to get a descent health services. Let alone those corruptors who get 5 stars facilities in their jail. I don’t want to talk about it, coz everybody else has talked about it:) I just want to share what i experienced this morning in the Emergency Room. nevertheless, i might have a wrong interpretation of what i saw this morning.

PS: being in emergency room yet to be hospitalized is not a nice thing. So, do keep your body and mind healthy 🙂