My purple Mabell, the netbook, has suffered some sort of illness. It takes forever and a day just to loading any program hence i have to delete and free some space of its memory. It’s like a perfect time huh? December, this and that, old and new. Delete the old one and give some space to the new one. Just like my own memory, forgive me to delete all of you-related archives, bad one of course! 😉

I spent hours to check which folders consumed the most space. Voilaaa! It was those pictures of mine. I keep thousands of pictures from my one year stay and travelling in Europe.

I enjoyed every single pictures while recalling my memory of what was the story behind the photographs i found. Every picture has its own story 🙂 Like those folder named “Winter Deary”. Uhmm… it brings me back the white winter, the snow flake, the excitement of the first snow rain. And today i have snow back in my virtual life 🙂

Thanks to Mr. Self timer, so we could capture our happy snow time perfectly

snow fighting early in the morning, when we rushed to the class

On the way from Rotterdam to Delft

Snowboarding with kiddos

silly #1 Yoan

silly #1 Yoan: T-shirt & slippers


silly #2 deary: pajamas, jumper, slippers and socks :-p


silly #3 yoan: snow & slippers 😀

Silly #4: bed of snow

Silly #4: bed of snow

silly #5 Choe, the snow fairy :D

silly #5 Choe, the snow fairy 😀

Dear readers, enjoy the snow shower! ^_^