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Sepertinya aku mulai panik karena masih belum punya to do list yang baru untuk tahun yang baru. I had but done. I still have some but now, it’s the matter of priority, the matter of time. The matter of being realistic as well since… pfuuhhh, we can’t forever keep thing that is clearly won’t work out, can we? Ah, forget it!  🙂

Go with the flow terdengar sangat owh so-so, plain dan membosankan! What’s the point of achieving anything unless you plan and fight for it? Not merely because the kind hearted universe is being nice to create a comfort zone for you nor it sprinkle the fairy dust to make your wishes coming true. There’s no such fairy tale 🙂 Besides, for everything that will take place in your life story, there is no such coinsidence :-p

Ah so, what to do the next year? 

Owh what to do next year??