This is a lesson from the Earl Grey, tea with bergamot flavouring…

I laugh when i remember the afternoon tea the other day πŸ˜€ We had relatives visited us. My aunt asked me to serve tea and some snacks for them. I remembered i still have some package of the earl grey tea i brought from Rotterdam. My sister’s mother in law also asked me to buy some for her.Β Most of my friends, who invited me to dinners, like this tea with bergamot flavouring so very much. I like it too πŸ™‚ So, i choose these earl grey tea and add some sugar. Me myself prefer tea without sugar, so i had no idea what would it taste, the earl grey tea with sugar.

earl grey tea, tea with bergamot-flavouring

Shortly, i served the earl grey tea with sugar to our guests but it seems that they didn’t like it :-p Worst, they thought i didn’t clean the cups and the spoons very well before i pouring the tea. That’s why the tea taste so strange and a bit spicy πŸ˜€ How come they thought it that way? I always sent a nice, hygienic and well prepared food for friends (except those marmer puding i’m not yet able to make :-p) and I had the cleanest kitchen when i was in Weenapad, that’s explain :-p and I had no idea if that was merely because of the bergamot flavoring, if so i would have defensed myself :-p

Well well… Β What you think the best is not the best for other people.Yet, you can not make people like things that you like, just like this tea with bergamot flavouring πŸ˜€ You can not make people think the way you think as well, they are not you and don’t have your thought :-p

Ahh this is just a shortcake πŸ˜€ Please let me enjoy my tea with bergamot flavouring πŸ˜‰