Gelukkig nieuwjaar, happy new year, selamat tahun baru!

Perhaps this post is gonna be my last post in 2011, perhaps πŸ˜‰ and this is about the story of the new year eve in Rotterdam.

Well, let’s make things clear first. I’m not those who consider the celebration of the new year as a must, a very important thing to celebrate with party, or any other event. Nope. Though i like the spirit brought by the new year’s eve, the idea of self introspection, several days off from school or office, and the cheerful faces welcoming the new year, i rarely celebrate it.

I remember there was one time i celebrated it with my parents, sister and brothers, and our dogs πŸ˜€ My dad built a tent for us that afternoon. My mom prepared some meals for us. Me and my siblings were so very happy with my parents’ idea of celebrating the new year eve in a tent in our front yard. Bella and Bello, our dogs, were so very happy too πŸ˜€ they kept running, chasing each other near our tent πŸ˜€ So we sang, we laughed, we ate, we shout out Bella & Bello’s name and threw food to them πŸ˜€ and then, before 00.00 (well, so loooong before it. perhaps around 10 or 11 pm), we felt so sleepy then we ran inside the house, got our blankets and slept in our room instead of slept in the tent πŸ˜€ That night, only Bella and Bello celebrated the new year’s eve and stayed awake untill the new year came πŸ˜€ Sweet memory o’mine, childhood time… That’s the only time we celebrated new year’s eve πŸ™‚

Another new year’s eve celebration was in Rotterdam. Vincent, my classmate held a potluck for us in our apartment basement. He cooked the most delicious pasta during my one year stay in Rotterdam (sorry for other cheffs, but vincent’s pasta was really nice :D). After potluck, uncle Karma and some other friends played medley for us. Pahala’s guitar play was also really nice πŸ˜€

Potluck in the basement

Vincent the chef πŸ˜€

New year's medley

Everybody was curious to see how is the new year’s eve in Rotterdam, in the winter time. People say the fireworks on every new year’s eve in Rotterdam is really nice. So, we decided to go to Erasmus Brudge where they held the fireworks. Though it was a cold and drizzle, we walked together to the bridge. There were no tram and bus. Biking was somewhat not an option because you have to park it somewhere among the crowds.

Owyaa, i received a new year’s eve gift from uncle Karma. He gave it to me only and apologized to my friends. He told them i was so nice because i was the only one who remembered giving him a little gift for the holiday hehehe πŸ˜€ Before i departed to Netherland, i have prepared some little gifts for some new friends. Before winter break which was also xmas break, i and mbak Fifi wrapped those li’l gifts with purple wrapping paper and silently put into some friend’s lockers πŸ˜€ I like surprises and imagining happy faces receiving their li’l gifts makes me happy too πŸ˜€ Well, quite a bit like a drama huh ? But i enjoyed the idea of giving my friends a li’l surprise πŸ˜€ And though i did it sincerely and expected nothing in return, i did received a lot of things in return πŸ˜€ Thank you guys for the nice li’l gifts πŸ˜€

Li'l gifts for friends

Here are the pictures of that new year’s eve. Too bad i didn’t bring my own camera but i took some pictures using my friend’s camera since he could not stand Β holding his camera in the cold weather. I recorded the fireworks for around 15 minutes, holding up this camera when the temperature was about zero was really something :-p I prefered to hide my hands in my pockets πŸ˜€ Owh, uploading this 15 minutes video of the beautiful fireworks was really sucks! It’s a public secret that internet connection in this country is reallyyyyyyyyy poor :-p I’m trying to upload it as soon. Hey, now i’m able to upload video more than 15 minutes to my youtube account πŸ˜€ I wish you could catch a glimpse of how Rotterdamers celebrate new year’s eve through these pictures but the most wonderful part of it is in the video! You can see the fireworks, hear the music and feel the spirit of the new year among the crowds πŸ˜€ I’ll upload it ASAP πŸ™‚

Nieuwe Maas river before the fireworks

Erasmus brudge before the fireworks

Silent buildings on new year's eve

The crowds on new year's eve, waiting for fireworks and new year

On the way back home, i saw Rotterdam turned into a dirty city. Waste scattered everywhere, broken bottles, smokes, cans, drunken people.. That was the only time i saw Rotterdam in a mess, but everyone was so happy at that time πŸ˜€ Everyone was like being so easy, and happy. Perhaps it was the hope of the upcoming year or being released from everything they have left behind πŸ˜‰

Us, welcoming the new year of 2011

On the way back home after new year's eve celebration

owkayy, gelukkijk nieuwejaar

And today is the very last day of 2011. Amazing how fast time goes by. As for me, 2011 gave me so very much: get to know so many great new friends, great time of living in Rotterdam, wonderful journey to 7 European countries, accomplishing my 2 master programs yet learning life lesson from every unique experience i had gone through the whole year.

Old and new, through bad and goods. 2011, i bid you farewell πŸ™‚ May the coming year brings me more joy and happiness, time and chances to be a better me, amin πŸ™‚