Saturday, 14 january 2012

15 minutes to midnight, close to the next day and this is my first night back to my house since I left it almost 3 years ago. Mom called me and just like the old days, she asked me to make sure every window and door is properly locked, no fire in the kitchen. I did as she asked. I double checked every door and window and also checked the kitchen. I turned on TV just to make noise but not intended to watch any programs. There is no internet connection, I left my modem at my uncle’s place.

My temperature was rising again. This cold seems to stay a little longer, ehh? I made a cup of tea and had dinner from lunch box I brought from my aunt’s place. I was just too tired to do anything, so I let everything left in their packages. Yet, I managed to re-arrange my wardrobe. I had to take away everything (and will give them away to those who need) since it doesn’t fit me anymore. I was surprised that my outfits was smaller than those I have now :-p Uhmm how much weight did I gain over these past 3 years? But I kept some kebayas for they had so many stories… I finally emptied this big suitcase from Rotterdam and stored all of my outfits in the wardrobe. So long, big suitcase. Untill next time I have another chance to travel to another country and continent 😉

I unpacked my bed and pillows. I left their plastic covers in the living room. I told you I was too tired to do anything but I want to sleep at a very comfort bed like fairy princess haha 😀 So I decorated my bed but too bad I don’t have bedsheet that goes with the flower quilt blanket! So I picked this white one ( though it has some red apples :-p). Never mind, I will cover it with the blanket haha 😀 I wish my mom can find me one which color suits this new blanket. But I still can sleep so I decided to write for this blog though I don’t have internet connection here yet :-p

A friend o’mine said I must enjoy my new adventure of living in my own house. Well, more or less this is another new adventure. I must (again) fight my own fear on the first place, but this time there is no tears like that stupid old time. Here, I had shed tears three times! First time was when I came back from studying in Jakarta. I cried for no reason. Perhaps that was quite a shocking time for me as when I studied in Jakarta, I stayed in a mixed dormitory. First floor was for boys and second floor was for girls. So I was never been totally all alone (except the year before I went to Jakarta, I stayed here all alone). I remembered I came home so very late. A weird feeling welcome me as I enter my house. I was so fucking tired because of the traffic jam. There were no food, no water in the bath tub, and there was echo everytime I took a step. And that stupid feeling of sudden loneliness made me cry for no reason while I kept cleaning the bath tub from dust and filled it with water. But I felt allright as the morning come.

Another time I cried was when I cancelled all plan to Yokohama, Japan. I was so dissapointed to take that decision. First, I was asked to give a try to represent my city to a –let’s say- worldwide organization. I had no interest at first but at the very last minute I submitted the application. I passed the paper screening and was the only one from all participants (from my city) that had the chance to continue to the next step. I got the good news! I passed all tests and will be officially recruited to that organization for a year. Sounds so good huh? Yes, it was. They prepared everything for me. They sent me brochure of apartments in Yokohama so I could choose one that best for me. They also prepared the hand over process from the previous staff whom I’d be replaced. Well well well… suddenly the one that was being asked soon become the one that forgotten. I sent email from my cellphone telling them that I was sorry for withdrawing myself from that great opportunity. So I cried cried and cried. Japan and I were not meant to be, perhaps next time. Yet, Netherland got me a better story 🙂

I came back home from Netherland. A few weeks or was it 2 months after, there was time when I really needed my sanctuary. A hideaway, a place where I could cry over family discussion, cry over something which has so over. So, I cried to get over it, to seek for clear mind… Well, I don’t really want to talk about it. I might say if two were not meant to be, then they will never meant to be. Ah… what a coinsidence! The jazzy voice of Zee Avi sings this “Is This The End” when I was about to move to the next story 🙂 Yes, I guess I’ll move on she said !

Owhh, 10 minutes to 1 am and it’s already another day! So sleepy now!

To be continued 😀


 January 15, 2012

Second day at my new old house, shame how I woke up so late this morning. If my uncle didn’t call me, I might fall asleep untill day turn into another evening! I was so tired and the cold weather makes this cold and cough worst. But I still had to get up and arrange everything today! Owkay! I guess I’m gonna be very busy next week: auditing, exit briefing and have to travel to Jogja for my second master graduation. My parents will come, and mom plans to stay in my place for a few days after. So I’d better put everything on its place, tidy up today!

I worked so slowly. Hungry and dizzy had caught me up early  in the morning but I had no food. Seeing all stuffs still in their packages yet the temptation of just staying in bed, owh what a messy Sunday morning. I managed to wash my laundry finally but when I dried them outside, soon rain poured down. Raining cats and dogs has made me back and forth picking those undried laundry (washing machine with dryer shall be on the next wishing list :-p). Also back and forth from living room-kitchen-bedroom-tv room arranging all my belonging in their proper place. Bags of garbage, some pairs of old shoes to be thrown away, dust and stain on the floor, cooking utensils, owh those things has made me looks like a real maid. And a friend came to delivered all my belongings from Jogja! Hahah 😀 Not yet finished with stuffs from Rotterdam episode, here came stuffs from Jogja episode :-p  I wonder was I an  impulsive buyer? Within 2 years I desperately need another bookshelf, another wardrobe, another bigger house. Ehh? but I missed my blue rug, it would be nice if I put it in the living room which has no coach or sofa yet :-p

Slowly but slowly (and a bit sure) I kept arranging those stuffs. Exhausted and starving, but I could not go anywhere due to the heavy rain. If only I didn’t have cold and cough I would have run under the rain and get some foods :-p it’s a pity when you actually can cook your meal but you can not since you don’t have any ingredients :-p I had some fleur, pasta, eggs and some canned fish but I didn’t have salt, onion, garlic, cooking oil and worst, can opener 😥 Giving up waiting for the rain to stop, finally I finished all of this crazy tidying up issue. Voilaa!

The sun shined a bit late, in the afternoon. Hurry I took shower, prayed and then went to the nearest supermarket. My sister Fifi called me, I told her that I was in Wah Nam Hong supermarket looking for rice, and all ingredients 😀 we kept pretending that we’re in lovely Rotterdam. I told her the zonnenblomen ollie (sunflower oil) is so expensive! You have to pay 50thousand something (rupiah) for one litre! Owhh that was so mean! In Rotterdam that would be less than 3 euro! This is an economically poor country but the prices are so damn higher than in Europe! Trust me! What would you say about this comparison? I earned 970 euro/month when I was a student in Rotterdam, I only had to pay 90 cents for 1 litre of milk, 75 cents for a box of good quality champignon. Now, from this job that pay the rents, I earn more or less 250 euro/month (1 euro= 12.000 rupiah), have to pay 1 euro for 1 litre of milk and about 50 cents for mushroom and this mushroom I didn’t buy was already going bad and they still keep it on the racks!  Owkay, forget about this zonnenblomen ollie, I have to spend my money smartly and this zonnenblomen ollie whatsoever is now too fancy for a little lady like me :-p Maybe next time 😀

When I finished do my run errands, paid the groceries, there the rain again poured down elephants and rhinos (hahaha, my zimbabwe friend has created this funny term). Sudden cold was killing me for it made my cough got worst! I couldn’t stop coughing in the public car I had to rent. Back at home in the evening, cold and starving, left me no energy to cook anything 😦 I managed to make hot tea and fried butter sandwich. So that was my dinner: a cup of plain hot tea, fried butter sandwich and an apple. Mbak Fifi would have laughed at this menu which was similar to her “healthy food” when we’re in Rotterdam 😀

Not all the time today was bad 🙂 I had fun with kimono tutorial 😀 Mbak Fifi and me plan to wear our yukata (kimono) when we’re in Jogja. Inspired by an old couple we saw in Champ Elysse, Paris, when we had our winter trip to Paris 😀 Yup! When everybody else was hiding under their thick winter coat, this couple wore kimono and walk down the Champ Elysse street with that eye catchy dress 😀 So, I practised wearing yukata this evening. And yes, we’re going to have a photo session with our yukata. It’s gonna be real fun hahaha 😀


Owkay, tomorrow I can’t tolerate myself for waking up late again ! Traffic is awful from this place to my office. I have to leave a bit earlier tomorrow morning. So, I’d rather go to bed now! Hoaahmmm….

January 16 2012

i went to see doctor in teh morning before office hours. I only stayed in the office for first hours and then heading back home. Beaten by the cold and cough :-p My boss was really upset, i guess —> I was cursed the next day! :-p

January 17 2012

Voillaaaa here comes the paycheck! I had to check several projects today when the sun was so bright. Got tanned and burned just in hours 😦

I wore wrong shoes, with heels. So, I had to change my shoes in the car –> plastic boot for construction workers. Whewww the boots were 4 number bigger than my size! Everytime i step, felt like they’re left behind me :-p It’s itchy too! My Lord, my 80 euro winter boot were so muchhhh nicer and comfort :-p

FYI, i still have no internet connection at home, so here i am at my aunt’s place posting this for you to read 😀

Duiiii, Tot ziens, see yaaa! 🙂