Not because it’s Chinesse new year i love red 🙂 But it’s Chinesse new year that makes this weekend a long one 🙂 My baby bro and my cousin came and stayed over at my little house. So, i was busy taking care of them. Hoping that they will help me gardening, nope :-p They slept all the time, woke up only when they felt hungry :-p They said i have to take responsibilities because they gaining more weights when they stayed in my place! Owh great :-p But they like the menu i had prepared for them. I cooked rawon on the first day, one of my favorite east java dishes besides sambel pecel blitar 😀 On the second day i prepared hot sauce mackarel and tofu. Fresh fruit, butter sandwiches with choco rice and cheese, ice cream, siomay.. I guess i have made them full 😀

my new Holland apron 😀 preparing meals for kids 😉

My big baby bro & me 😀


I also did gardening. I managed to planting grass, some gerberas, some lily paris, and two red leaves trees. So happy yet so tired. By the end of the day, i had pain in my chest 😦 But that’s owkay 🙂 I’ve made them like staying in my place and i’m also pretty sure that every plants i had planted will grow and makes my house looks nicer:)

And this afternoon i’m heading to Jogja for my second master graduation 🙂

Happy weekend dear readers 🙂