They broke up by promises. Sometimes it’s very hard for him to convince himself why did he let go that nice girl who had filled his days with happiness. But yes, they broke up by promises.

He remembers it took time to win her heart. She’s not kinda an easy girl. She made him promised her that if one day they really had to break up, they would break up in a nice respectful way. Does it sounds like a weird commitment? Nope. Both of them knew that there would be many obstacles in their long distance relationship. Both of them realized that though they were an item, they lived their own lives. She might find someone else and he might also find another girl. If that happens, they would have to tell each other honestly. Owh that was owh really weird, he thinks! But they love each other and just didn’t want to make any of them being unfaithfull, with their own (weird) way.

Distance shall not be the reason but anyhow yes, it makes relationship less real. It was him at the first place who found another girl, a girl who shares the same space with him. They kept their promises. They stayed with their commitment. A nice respectful broke up though it hurt inside.

Now, she has settled down, a loving wife and a mother of three. It is her picture perfect that makes him hold back the memory of the good old days but it would be unfair to stay with something no longer there. He remembers she asked him not to forget her. No, he will not forget that cheerful girl who always seizes the day. Yesterday was the time of their life but the future is no longer theirs. How he wishes not to leave her and not to ever let her go. How he wishes to find someone like her. He wishes nothing but the best for her.

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She smiles when she remembers every little thing between them in the past. A surprise chocolate in her lunch box, the sun sent to her mailbox, and the words and dreams the night had shared. Every little thing he did for her was so nice. Therefore, she might have miss-interpreted something between the lines. She was so young and naïve but that didn’t make her less smart not to ask. She wanted everything chrystal clear. So she asked to the bad boy who once took her lost to his way “what was there between them?”. She seek clarity from the devil that seek a pity.

Time flies by. From a long lost friend she heard that he keeps telling the other girls that she once had a crush on him. She knew that she’s been accused to be jealous on him. Anyhow, she smiles and laughes. She has no idea why would he do so. If it’s the pride, never mind, she will let him having it. As for her, she has moved on. She has confindent that she’s not gonna give her present and future to the wrong man. Still, she respects him for the past, for friendship if it does exists. She would like to tell him that it would be unfair to stay with something that no longer there. She just hopes he’ll have a better li(f)e.

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 The stories: credit goes to late nite ice cream (that makes me have dizzy fever the next day), purple mabell, AD&ZA (your melodies speak thousand words, gals) 😀