See how absurd these might be 😉

They say they like travelling but they go nowhere. They say they like cooking but they get their meals from a fast food restaurant drive through. They say they like writting but they really write nothing. They like certain movie, books, music just because others like it haha 😀

If i might say, some people sometimes tell lies just to pleased others, or just to win someone’s heart, to be accepted or perhaps they just simply have no idea of what they really like 😀 Owh it’s better to know yourself like the palm of your hand 😀


The little cracks they escalated
And before we knew it was too late
For making circles and telling lies

I could see you’re only telling
Lies, lies, lies
Breaking us down with your
Lies, lies, lies
When will you learn

Yes, i’m listening to one of Hansard’s songs 😀 Nite-nite! Sleep well, everyone 🙂