Laundry, checked! Gardening, checked! Cleaning the house, Checked! and now something colourful is waiting in the kitchen 😀 I’m trying the new recipe, that’s part of the reasons why i refused to joining Mbak on jogging this morning. Besides,  i was also sweating while doing all of these household chores. Excercising is well substituted after all hehehe 😀

tadaaaaa! kue talam pastel shades 😀

Some of my new colleagues asked why do i always hurry back home, why do i always cook my own meal since i live all alone, why do i do my laundry every day bla..bla..bla. Well, living all by myself doesn’t mean i have no responsibilities :-p I have to take care me myself on the first place, my little garden and little house. Besides, this is a -let’s say- marriage preparation class haha 😀 Mommy told me that who knows who am i going to marry? He could be a rich man who can afford a maid for us or he could be just the same ordinary people like me. There, i’m not gonna bothering him asking for a maid to help me with household chores 🙂 I’m goin’ DIY, do it yourself! No, not only me, but us 😀 Awwwwhh sounds like a real house wife huh ? 😉

Mom called me this morning but gotcha, mom! I won this morning battle :-p I woke up before her. She must be so tired coz yesterday she went to Pekanbaru for a relative’s funeral and then she had to cancel her staying there and hurried headed back to Padang, sad to say, for another funeral. Sighed… 2 funerals in a row… Well, nobody knows when is our end.

Nevertheless, i woke up with full energy today 😀 I enjoyed a few minutes (30 minutes though !) of lazyness before i made myself busy like a bee 😀 Owh, me so likey today 😀 Outside is sunny and bright and inside me is so colourful, pastel shades! Uhmm… i feel like Giovanni Bomoll’s Latin Street i’ve keept listening before i fell asleep last night 😀 Owh when you hear the mellodies, you know the feeling 😀

And here is the recipe i tried today : A pastel shades kue talam (uhmm, my late granny will upset if i translated kue talam to pudding coz they are just 2 different things :-p). I got the recipe from this link : http://www.sajiansedap.com/recipe/detail/10610/talam-potong-pelangi#

back then when my mom learned how to cook, she was assisted by my granny or read a book. in my time, i prefer to be assisted by my purple netbook, Mabell 😀

I went with the ingredient, except the colors, i choose my own pastel shades colours 😀 Oops, i’m not gonna translate this into English, so, for those who can not speak Bahasa, feel free to use google translate 😀 Owh, another thing! When i bought the ingredient i could only found tapioca and sagu ubi flour. I called a friend and he told me sagu flour (in the recipe) is just the same with tapioca. So i bought it, and if i found it screwed my kue talam, owhhh i’m not gonna forgive you, young man ! :-p

first layer is pink shade 🙂 and then green, yellow, brown 😀

bahan 1:
85 gram tepung beras
160 ml air mendidih
100 gram tepung sagu
325 ml santan dari 1/2 butir kelapa
150 gram gula pasir
2 tetes pewarna merah muda
2 tetes pewarna hijau

bahan 2:
15 gram tepung beras
30 ml air mendidih
15 gram tepung sagu
35 gram gula palem
1/4 sendok teh garam
120 gram santan dari 1/2 butir kelapa

Cara Pengolahan :

  1. Bahan 1: tuang air mendidih ke dalam tepung beras. Aduk rata.
  2. Masukkan tepung sagu, santan, dan gula. Aduk sampai larut.Bagi 3 adonan.
  3. Masing-masing tambahkan pewarna. Sisanya biarkan putih.
  4. Tuang adonan putih ke dalam loyang 12 x 24 x 4 cm yang dialas plastik.
  5. Kukus 10 menit. Tuang adonan merah muda. Kukus 10 menit. Tuang adonan hijau. Kukus 10 menit.
  6. Bahan 2: seduh tepung beras dengan air mendidih. Tambahkan tepung sagu, gula palem, dan garam. Aduk rata. Tambahkan santan. Aduk rata.Tuang ke atas adonan.
  7. Kukus 10 menit sampai matang. Dinginkan. Potong-potong.

Untuk 10 potong

Owkay, that is me pastel shades today 😀 I wish everyone a colorful and joyfull weekend like mine ! 😀