My favorite birthday gift ever is still that 2011 spring holiday i granted myself πŸ˜‰ Owh the party was also one of my favorites. It’s a garden gathering arranged by my aunt at her place. Together with some friends, we departed the day after my birthday. First itinerary was Praque (Czech Republic), then Vienna (Austria) and last Budapest (Hungary). We shared the trip responsibilities during that holiday: everyone would handle one city! Every city’s coordinator responsibled for group’s safety, determining the destinations, route and of course reading map :-p Well, (some) girls are bad at reading map, i admit πŸ˜€

my aunt & some of my friends on my birthday

Praque was so nice. The trip was awesome though we spent too much time in Praque, getting a bit bored on the last day. Hahaha πŸ˜€ We’re just making ourself “lost” in Praque transportation route :-p We went east to west, south to north, enjoying the beauty of Praque from trams windows, enjoying the ice cream somewhere in the city suburb. So lazy too walk around, too exhausted and the truth is that we had to check out in the morning and take the night bus! That was because we wanted to cut the trip expenses :-p So we barely had any place to stay from morning to midnight on that last day, simply temporarily homeless 😦 Then we decided to seize the day by becoming a group of “trammie”, newbies in the homeless world :-p

another view of Praque from tram window, owh you can only see it if you tried to be "homeless" like us πŸ˜€

Owh, when we were waiting for the bus on the bus station, my friend tried to get some sleeps on the bench in the waiting room. We had no idea that sit and close your eyes was not allowed there! A scary man ( if i could say, like those schizoprenic killers in the movie), bald, big and could not speak English, came and asked my friend not to sleep in the station! Gosh! So, you have to stay awake while u’re waiting for midnight bus on the bus station waiting room! Huh, where on earth do they have that stupid rule? In Praque! Well, perhaps that was also for safety reason, i’m not sure. But our sleepyhead required some sleeps before the bus arrived haha πŸ˜€

Vienna, the second destination! I was honored to be Vienna trip coordinator πŸ˜€ I was so happy that, on behalf of my friends, i could decide places to visit when we were there. Yes, Danube, Mozart & Strauss, and schnietzel and wine.. Errhh, don’t missunderstand the last thing :-p Like that Β guy who misunderstood me, partly because of his bad English and partly because of my uhmmm… let’s say “something” was watching over and guarding me πŸ˜€

Before we departed, i have googled (so now google is definitely a verb :-p) about Vienna’s sightseeing. I came accross an article about Grinzing, a village that famous as Austria’s wine tavern. Imagining the beauty of an european village, a serenade, and vineyard, so i put Grinzing on the top of the list for Vienna. I was so eager to visit this village! Owh i also brought that flowery hat since i was imagining i would take my picture perfect in the beautiful vineyard whatsoever :-p

We took a night bus from Praque and arrived early in the morning. My sleepyhead woke up when my eyes saw a blast of bright yellow and green view reflected on the morning blue sky, so beautiful! That was just perfect! I heard the inside me said “owh this is a dream coming true!”. I wanted to hurry up to the hostel, shower and explore Vienna but too bad we had a li’l trouble at the station :-p We know Austrian doesn’t speak English but never had any idea that it would be so difficult to communicate with them (sometimes).

this was taken from train window, vienna to budapest

First, when we hop off from the bus, we had to figure out how to buy the metro ticket from ticket machine: instructions were in alien language :-p Then finding out in which hall in that Vienna central station was our metro was another story. Nobody (again) speaks English! A lady was mumbling to me saying that it was forbidden at her time to learn English, that’s why she could not speak English. And how did i understand what she was saying ? Let’s say i have that special linguistic ability πŸ˜‰ Nope, i just read her mind, errrh? hahaha :)) Somehow I understood what she was saying, that’s it πŸ™‚

Finally we managed to get to the hostel, Wombat Hostel (sounds like something Mortal Combat yabaa dabaaa doooo πŸ˜€ Β ) A nice youth hostel and thanks God, the hostel’s employees speak English! So i asked him about this Grinzing. He told me where to go and how to get there. He gave me Vienna city map which i crosschecked with my list of places to go, and both showed Grinzing ! Owkay, i was too excited but first of all we had to shower, get some sleeps (owh this happy feet need rest) and meal before exploring the city.

So, we went to Grinzing when the sun shines cheerfully πŸ˜‰ We had to hop off on the last station of that route. Errh, trams in Rotterdam is nicer than those in Vienna :-p Spring monring in Vienna was nice πŸ™‚ I was enjoying the view from tram’s window till we finally arrived at that last station (which i couldnt remember its name now).

Grinzing, finally. frankly i don't understand what was written on this board all about :-p

Grinzing village, finally. But i did not see any sign of wine tavern and vineyard nearby! owh i gotta find a clue where on earth was that wine tavern. We only saw some kiosks (kiosk is Dutch, not an English. Is it ?) selling wine. So first i asked a kebab vendor nearby that station. Yup! He could not speak English πŸ˜€ He pointed a young guy, he asked me to ask him. And i asked him, i explained to him that we would like to see the wine tavern, vineyard in that village. He understood what i was saying, that’s good. But then…

With his limited English he straightly told me that i was forbidden to taste wine! Owh mine! I told him that i’m not looking for wine nor to taste it, but i’m looking for wine tavern! He kept blabbering THAT I should not taste any liquours, THAT GOD will be angry because that is a sinful thing to do bla bla bla bla. And he pointed at my HEAD SCARF! Argghhhh… felt it would be useless to ask him, i left him, mumbling what on earth would make me taste liquours? :-p

I’ve seen brewing machine at Paulaner Munchen. A friend of mine was the sous chef there. He invited me to have lunch before my departure to Netherland and he showed me their beer brewing machine. But wine and beer are just two different things, and i really want to see the wine tavern though i don’t drink any liquours. Anyway thanks to remind me, man πŸ™‚ I know some people who can not refuse the temptation to taste liquours. Helloooo, you are in Europe, liquours just a common acceptable things! But not for a Muslim like me πŸ™‚ Liquours doesn’t make me look cool or smart anyway :-p

at Paulaner Munchen which has its own beer brewing machine. and i drank orange juice πŸ˜€

Not to waste our limited time in Vienna, we decided to stroll around the main street in that village, who knows we might find this wine tavern or vineyard whatsoever πŸ™‚ We got in to a post office. We saw so many postcards with the wine tavern pictures. So we asked the postman where on that village where were those picture taken. Andddddd that was also stupid thing to do! That man could not speak English and was a bit rude :-p And that young girl who helped him did not have any idea where those pictures where taken but thanks God she could speak English a little bit πŸ˜€ But that was no helpful anyway 😦 Here you can enjoy some of pictures of Grinzing village. All taken from my pocket camera, so forgive me for the quality of my pictures, digitally edited by using Picasa.

This is how the village main entrance looks like

another view of old building in Grinzing

the only clue stating this village is a wine tavern : weine

Since i was the city coordinator for Vienna’s trip, i asked the girls what to do. And so sad we had to decide to leave that village and go to another places in Vienna. Grinzing, you shall make your people speak English, and you shall put a big map on your entrance showing where the wine taverns are! I ;:?was so disappointed that my dream of walking under the grape tree, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the serenade in vineyard, and seeing how grapes turn into wine dissapeared just in a moment 😦

wine tavern supposed to be like this :-p

But that’s allright πŸ™‚ Perhaps, someday i’ll come back to Vienna and find where the wine tavern and vineyard really are πŸ™‚ and have that picture perfect of me in the vineyard! CHEESE ! πŸ˜€

happy & healthy without liquours πŸ˜€ Cheesseeeee πŸ˜€


Even tonight we still talked about that “mysterious unknown” wine tavern πŸ˜€


hahahaΒ Β ini lg nulis ttg vienna,Β Β praque lain waktu deh hehe πŸ˜€


Yg cakep dsn sp?


mas2 yg nglarang aku minum wine :-p


Hahaha….aq dah lp mukany tuh! πŸ˜€


xixiΒ Β knapa ga da yg motret dia yaaa? πŸ˜€


Hbs pd bingung soal kebun anggur itu

Xixixixi πŸ˜€


iyah! aku masih penasaraaaaan mpe sekarang ! pinginnya balik ke sana lagi huhuuuu 😦




nyokkkk πŸ˜€

And in Budapest we also had a funny and hillarious story (still) about liquors πŸ˜€ I might tell you about that later πŸ˜‰