At the time of the day when our night nights are said, 

when hugs are hug-huggled and stories are read…

One little bear said, “I won’t go to sleep, I won’t close my eyes – all night I will peep!”

“No sleeping, just peeping ?” said Mum bear.  “Oh Dear, you don’t know sleeps’s secrets. That’s seems very clear!”.

“Sleep’s an adventure, sleep’s slept by the wise, sleep’s far from boring… sleep’s one long surprise!”

“Your bed is a boat that sails wild and free,

Through island of stars with the sky as its sea…

Over oceans of night you set sail for the day…

With a heart full of happiness guiding your way…”

Little bear gasped “I had no idea… I must go to sleep. Right now and right here!”

So bear snuggled down after cocoa and cuddles

And sailed gently away

From all of life’s muddles…

But now  it’s your turn, so – eyes closed and prepare!

If you’re ever so quick

You might catch little bear…

Don’t forget little one, 

As you travel the night that my love travels with you…

Safe journey

Sleep tight…

(story from foreverfriend)


Look, cuppy cake! aunty De sent teddy bear and mister rabbit to play with you 🙂 they will arrive by tomorrow, i guess 😀

Aunty De laughed when she listened to grandma’s story about you, my dear cuppy cake 🙂 Why wouldn’t you let mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa slept well last night ? You asked them to stay awake with you. Holding you in their arms, cuddling you 🙂 And when Aunty De talked to Grandma, you said hello with your baby’s cry hahaha 😀 I love you sweety pie, my cuppy cake 🙂 Sleep well tonight, ask mommy not to sing that Linkin Park’s song 😉

my baby niece, my cuppy cake 🙂 she's so cute, sweet and adorable 😉

Aunty De used to see this video when she couldn’t sleep, when she got homesick and the nights in NL were too cold 😀