Last week end, my curiousity had caused me a broken heart ! I was wondering about a recipe i found on the internet: opera cake. So, in the evening i was trying hard to give that recipe a try but failed 😦 Sob sob sob…but i brought that failed cake to the office and surprisingly my colleagues finished it up 😀 They said it’s tasty though the texture was not soft as it supposed to be huhuuuu 😦

And before that recipe stories what did i do? Haha 😀 A series of activities i like 😀 I went swimming (still learning!  but i’m sure i’ll beat up the water just like i beat up the fear of riding on the wheel–>bicycle :-p). And.. I planted tulips!

I know it’s a way too late to grow the tulips. There in Netherland, they are already blooming in this spring breeze 🙂 Yes, stubborn is my nickname 🙂 I plant the tulips though people predict it will fail since the environment is a way too different from Netherland. But i’m trying really hard to grow the 10 seeds i brought from Netherland. I have kept them for sometimes in the fridge (as it’s said on some articles. Yes, i googled some articles on growing tulips). Then i found out they started growing! Voilaaa! Me, happy!

So the next day i went to a homeware supermarket and bought two plant containers. This time my curiousity only cost me 2 plant containers, fertilizer, a cute sprayer (like a cute bear haha), and of course tulips bulbs (i bought a package in Delft, contained 10 bulb, cost for 5 euro or something). I read on the package that tulips shall be planted on january and they will start blooming on april or may (april shower brings may flower, i noted). Yet, i also read that there are also late blooming tulips 🙂 So i wish mine is that one, late blooming tulips 🙂

Here are the pictures from last week…

it has to be kept in the fridge for a while before it’s ready to be planted 🙂

Let’s gardening, let’s growing tulips 🙂

Here they are, 3 bulbs in a container before i cover them with the soil 🙂

I thought it will take some times before they show (normally it’s planted in January and will bloom in april or may) 🙂 but it’s not that long 😀 This afternoon i was busy with household chores. After storing all of my groceries in the fridge, replace the new fragrance in the bathroom, cleaning up my kitchen.. and there! I saw this green tiny petal! I don’t own a big house so i put this tulip containers in the kitchen corner where they get enough sushines but not the rain coz it will make the seeds rotten. Owh my God!! So happy to find out that i finally grow a tulip! so excited that this tiny bulb is fighting to grow in a tropical country ! hahaha 😀 i guess i was smiling like a fool this afternoon 😀 I called my Mom telling her i grow a tulip! I texted some close friends telling them about my tulip 😀 Me, happy!

Sweet surprise today! see this tiny petal in the circle! it’s fighting to grow in the tropical country ! welkom thuis, tulip 🙂

I know this is just to early to burst out into such happiness of having the real tulips at my petite house 🙂 I know 🙂 Perhaps the other nine bulb will not grow as this early one, perhaps they willl grow but they will never bloom. I know.. But just keep planting to find out which one grow 🙂

Who knows they might grow and bloom just like in their place of origin 🙂 who kows they will grow well? remember about the dying Hyacinth that i kept in weenapad? It grows and has flower! even untill now !I cherish that i never giving up on my plants 🙂 like that Hyacinth, it’s still growing well, even after being adopted by a friend o’mine. Yes, i asked a friend to adopt my plants instead of throwing them away when i left Netherland 🙂

Uhmm.. and i found myself talk to my plants again! just like the old good days haha 😀 So, dear tulips, grow well jaaaa! I’ll give my best care for you 🙂

and finally i would say this: i’m longing to be in this country again, someday 🙂

to the country where tulips grow so very well, amin 🙂


day 21th