End of January 2011,

Paris, finally! The girls and i departed from Rotterdam late at night. Literally late at night, 12.oo! We’re quite insane for staying outside late at night at the end of winter time. Our bodies chilled due to the cold temperature and the wind blow. Our sleepy eyes kept starring from distance, searching for any bus that looked like the one we saw on the website (Milotreizen.nl)! At Zuidplein, we were desperately waiting for the 32 euro round ticket bus and so happy when the bus was finally arrived picking us 🙂

Paris… Paris… Paris. Eiffel was looked so grant with the ray of light from late sunrise. Public toilets are a way too arrogant for they can only be used after  somebody activated them through a computerized system. So, when it’s not their working hour yet, there is no use for pushing all buttons on the toilet panel, nor praying that the toilet door will open when you really wants to pee :-p Wise word i would say to foreigners in the strange land where natives only willing to speak their French language: find Asian look, you can ask them anything in English 😀  Ah for ladies, we admits that saying “beauty kills” in the form of heels 😀 In Paris, it really kills you :-p Stairs… stairs… stairs. I wonder how those french ladies manage their steps with heels, step up and step down the stairs, chase the metro in an ellegant style :-p And i must ask, why must women wearing veils (Muslim, arent they?) beg for money almost in every corner of Paris? Like telling the world that Muslim are poor, sad 😦 But I was so happy when i walked together with some French Muslim to the Great Mosque of Paris 🙂

Paris in black and white, on that late winter day…

Eiffel Tower

Musée du Louvre

The Grande Mosquée de Paris

Arc de Triomphe

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre