Not untill today that i observe archives on my phone, namely whatsapp; messages; and phone log. Those are media you intensely use to communicate with your close relatives, unlike social media where you talk to almost anyone. Don’t ask why nor to get me wrong, i’m just in needs in doing such things. Olrait, let me tell you that my 6 years or so of auditing had left me of such a “vigilance” strongly attached in mind. Thanks to my former boss who stuffed me with this “it’s not good to be suspicious but vigilant”.

I’d, you’d thank nowadays bigger storage space on what so called smart phone: you don’t have to delete any of the history of your activities on your phone, not untill it’s becoming as sluggish as a snail and at that point you need to get rid of somethings. Well, it’s really is such a wise word if i told you not to delete any πŸ™‚ Pssttt… unless you commit any crime :-p

There will be time when you allegedly need to look back over things and people, surely through what they have been said… As conversation goes, things been said, things might have hurt one, one might forgets, even regrets, or one might forgive yet hard to forget… And people do change, even you yourself!

Therefore, me seeing the needs of reviewing over things yet people, and let alone your relation with them. Going through an archives of conversation, tracing back what might been uttered wrongly, figuring out one’s feeling when things said, thenΒ  perhaps finally seeing the bitter reality one might have missed since it’s covered by the nice words… Or else, realizing since when did one (or you) changed, why, and how. Yet, you might also accidentally find the answer of how you should keep everything to be right on track, simply by looking back on what have been said.

So, tell me who smartly regularly does check over conversation archives to review and observe things one might have missed? and see how it correlates with one’s mood swing & (further) alter relationship?

Kinda introspection, i’d say πŸ™‚