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Let me tell you the story of a small room which has made me lied several times, my small guest room. It was an empty room i previously used as storage room. Then friends start coming and give me a visit, so do relatives. I saw i have to renew the function of this room.

So i bought some furnitures to make it a pleasant room to rest and relax. It was when i bought a bed for this room that i, accidentally, lied :-p The delivery men, as it’s a common thing to ask in our society, asked such a loaded question to me when they finished installed the bed. “Where is your husband?”. Oh my ! haha, unintentionally i simply answered “he’s in Jogja, studying” 😀 Ahh forgive me dear God 😀 Just cant help myself to such loaded question 😀 Another lie was when i bought a small cabinet, the delivery man again asked “Where is your husband? Is he still at work?”. Me (this time grinned inside) answer politely “owh he’s in Jogja, studying”. That’s the only answer one wants to hear huh? They would ask no more question then. Oh my! Why can’t people just stay away from one’s private life? Is it unnaceptable if a single girl own a house of her own and live by herself? Haha, it drives me nut :-p But i hope those answers which is not inexplicable why i said so, would be a prayer, aamiin 😉

Olrait, let’s go back to the re-arranging of my small guest room! I spent hours after office hours to change the lay out. It really is a small room. I had to push the bed to another side, take out the rug, books, boxes to make everything fit in that small space. Pfuuhh, really was a hard work after office hours, and mainly because i did it myself :-p

exactly like a broken sinking boat

But i managed it! I changed the lay out, changed the bedsheet & cushions cover with the new one, cleaned the rug, re-arranged my books ( i found out that i have Diary of Bride’s Maid, Hujan Bulan Juni, and another poetry book from a friend, he got his poems published 🙂 ).  And here is the new look of my small guest room.

I managed to move that twin bed to another corner of the room, big achievement!

boxes, well arrangement :-p

surprisingly found my long lost books 😀 erhh, see that 3 greeting cards? it can also be used as decoration 🙂

Owh would love to show you the cushion 😀 My mom would say no to this kinda style, she love uniformity while i love to try new ideas 😀 That was one of my favorite bedsheets but it only has one cushion cover. So i bought that pink floral cover another day, though it doesn’t have the same pattern with the bedsheet but it goes nsync with the total idea, right ? Uhmmm.. i love it 😀 so colorful but chick 😀

so many patterns that go n’sync 🙂

You know when you only have a small space, likely it limits yourself from having numerous idea on how to decorate it. Me too, let alone the fact that i also has limited budget haha 😀 So i go this way: use some tiny details to enhance your room 🙂 Just a little touch that sweeten the room. Here i shared you the pic.

vintage pail, chinesse chimes, gips souvenir, glass tulip (taken from a friend’s room in weenapad hehe), rattan box & flower box : just a little touch you can put anywhere in your room 🙂

Owh in one corner i also put my future board. I pinned some other little things there like picture in Tanah Lot with some friends, a violin recital ticket, a ramayana ballet ticket, a movie ticket (midnight, literally! we came home at 3 or something in the morning :-p), those good memories you want to remember 🙂 I also pinned some of my future plans.

Well, i think the room is so me ya? haha 😀 but anytime you had a chance to visit me and my city, you’re very welcome to stay at this room, enjoy !