I know what’s on your mind! Haha 😀 I cant believe it either: that i still have access to this radio WEENA 53 FM but i do still have 😉

Weena 53 fm

Thanks to facebook pop up information that, out of nowhere, suddenly showed up my past events. This radio, this event, was started at April 1, 2011 at 11:00pm until August 1, 2011 at 12:00am. So, it’s exactly a year ago! How i miss this crazy time upon thesis hard time!

I stared on what i had on myLCD, and smile like an idiot reading every past post on the radio haha 😀 Really, this was hilarious, seeing how we needed distraction from thesis what so called :-p

The disclaimer (or it supposed to be disclaimer but it’s not :-p ), written as DISKRIMER 😀 Anyone who was Weena listener might still be familiar with these:


  1. Hal-hal yang TIDAK MENGANDUNG unsur SARA (sek, anarkis, rumpi, adul) TIDAK BOLEH DIBEBERKAN di acara ini, apalagi berkaitan dengan AKADEMIK!!! TABU!!!
  2. Barang siapa yang SENGAJA dan TERANG-TERANGAN berusaha MEMPERMALUKAN teman sendiri dalam bentuk TULISAN, GAMBAR, dan NYANYIAN di acara ini, TIDAK AKAN DIHUKUM DAN BAHKAN AKAN DIDUKUNG SEPENUHNYA. 😀Bila penyiar utama dan penyiar pendamping BERHALANGAN AKIBAT DATANG BULAN atau akibat lain, request lagu boleh dikirim langsung oleh kalian... INIKAN RADIO ONLEN!!!! LANGSUNG AJA APLOT SENDIRI… ;D
  3. Yang mau aplot lagu, harus konsultasi medis dan psikologis dulu, JANGAN SOOORRRR SENDIRI YAAAA….!!! [kalo memuaskan diri sendiri boleh…]
  4. Topik lain yang BERKEMBANG DAN MENGERAS di kemudian hari akan DIULAS SECARA TUNTAS sejalan dengan TEKANAN yang TIMBUL di TINGKAT BAWAH…
Hak cinta dan pelampiasannya dalam siaran ini DILINDUNGI UNDANG-UNDANG….

Heizzz.. those sentence were so Opung RX, the elderly in our student community and was the Director of Weena 53 fm radio 😀 But compliment ! He was so damn creative in getting rid of our (me only, well perhaps) boredom. Well, those who’re lucky for not yet having a chance dealing with thesis writing might have no idea that thesis could trigger an accute boredom :-p It sometimes was bored to death (again, perhaps me only).

And then the Radio tagline was :

Langsung dari Pemancar Weena 53.00 FM, kampung di pinggir rel dekat jembatan kolong , Rotterdam.
Yes, our student apartment was next to Rotterdam Central Railway. I had Fyra, Thalys, NS parked on my backyard :-p Such a rich student haha 😀

Well well, we had that kinda radio announcers too 😀 Om Beruang aired the (what was that?) kinda hard rock, metal, punk, underground (sounds like metro hehe) programs. Me myself rarely tuned in the station when he aired the program. Unless he mentioned my name, well that doesn’t count since.. i just didnt get why those kinda music is called music :-p They were just too loud to my ear hehe 😀 Anyway, thanks Om for kicking away the boredom out of my study room :-p

And then Yoan, haha 😀 What should i say? Mwahahaha :)) He aired the special program when everybody was deep into their thesis or, frankly speaking, fell asleep 😀 Still it’s good to check the radio when you woke up from a late night sleep and found “owh Yoan is “yawning” these songs and had no listener” 😀

I’d say the real announcer was mas Dian since he aired the program on air ! yup, some of Weenapadians (those who stayed in Weenapad student apartment) were also radio technician found a free host web for our radio! Creativity, i’d say 😀 They link the free host radio page to skype, which enabled us to finally hear the announcer’s voice, the song and request the songs on air! It was a Yaaaiyyy ! 😀 And we also had chat box  So, either we talked to the announcer or simply chat to one another, silly jokes, silly nicknames 😀

Well, it was such fun that i could also turn of my boom box and left the Netherland’s famous real radio stations such as Sky fm (i never write you a love song la la la laaa), Classic fm, Arrow Jazz fm; those i listened the most during my stay in NL. Well i know that my line of music is cheesy, but i’d listen to melodies that brings comfort to my ears :-p

Nearly August at that time, everybody went back to their main business : thesis writing. Busy preparing for defense and coming home. And Weena 53 fm radio was officially ended up its program on August the 1st. It was also on the holy Ramadhan, i guess. Exactly a year ago 🙂

The last post was from OmBeruang, announcing photo hunting (ngabuburit as well!):

Sodara2 yang merasa mempunyai kamera digital dan punya bakat (sedikit) narsis, pada cuaca yang cerah ini, kami mengundang kehadiran anda untuk HUNTING FOTO di kawasan Kralingse Bos, pada jam 14.00-15.00.. Barang siapa berminat silakan gabung berame2 supaya tidak sumpek di kamar, dan mendapatkan ide segar di luaran..Nikoners, Canoners, dan merek lain are welcome, yang ga punya kamera juga gpp, jadi model saja..Okeeh, sampai jumpa di Lobby Weena pada ya sore ini…!August 2, 2011 at 3:25pm

and we got this picture that afternoon 🙂

Mas Deva took this picture when we’re biking through kralingen lake. I miss that bike, my Classy 🙂

And then everybody really was busy with their own, untill we bid farewel and came back to the homeland..

And so listen to the radio, and all the songs we used to know la la laaa….