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When I went to Paris January 2011, winter was about to leave. There was no longer snow. Yet the feeling was still that cold and frozen. It was quite a rush day trip, 24 hours with so many places to visit, and that included the travel time from Rotterdam-Paris-Rotterdam. The Eiffel tower, the Notre Dame Chatedral, Arc de Triomphee, Musee’ du Louvre, the Obelisk, Champ Elysses, Le Grande Mosque, La Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre, and many more… Yes, in that one journey, a 24 hours journey 🙂

Paris, January 2011

Paris, January 2011

And whatsoever made me recalling that one fine day in Paris? This BRIOCHE it was 🙂  Brioche is an enriched French bread. The dough contains a high proportion of fat it in, either or both milk, oil, egg yolks and butter (I used the common butter, not that plain –less salt butter).

Well, actually I wanted to make blueberry roll bread. But then I lost my recipe, didn’t remember where I saved it. Thus, I had to surf another recipe with bread and blueberry as the keyword 🙂 and I then read about this brioche. The recipe I found used the mince meat as the filling. Since I don’t have mince meat (I have some meat in the fridge, but plan to make soup of it tomorrow :-p), I just take the brioche dough recipe. I made some adjustment like doubling the amount of sugar, put some raisin on the dough and use blueberry jam filling, or rolled some cheese blocks like this.

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Here it is 😉


450 gram high protein wheat flour
1 sachet of fermipan/yeast (I used 11grams of fermipan)
2.5 table spoon sugar
3 eggs, blend mildly
80 ml fresh milk (I used low fat milk)

200 grams of raisin or blocks of cheese

175 gram butter (It should be less salty butter or plain butter. But  I don’t have it, and it’s more expensive anyway haha :Dso I used the common butter for cooking, therefore I had to use just a bit of salt, or else it will be too salty)
1/4 tea spoon salt (if you used plain butter, then take ½ tea spoon of salt)

spread, mix them all together: 
1 egg yolk
1 table spoon of fresh milk



This is how to get the dough:

  1. Mix altogether wheat flour, yeast, and sugar.
  2. Add eggs and mix them altogether, add milk. Mix them altogether until you get a smooth and less sticky dough (kalis maksud nya, tau English na opo :-p)
  3. Add butter and salt, mix them altogether until it less sticky. And don’t forget to add raisins, well if you like 😉 Then cover the dough with a moist napkin for an hour.
  4. Then take 25-30 grams of dough, make it round and fill it with blueberry jam. Surely you can fill it with any other jam, as you like 🙂
  5. Put the dough in a baking pan, owh spread butter on the surface jaa!
  6. And don’t forget to spread the surface of the brioche with the spread magical mix (owh owhhh.. over react again haha:D) before you bake them.
  7. Bake all of your brioche with lower heat, 190 Celsius, 25 minutes. (this is my oven setting, I don’t know whether it will work as well as mine with your own oven. So try !)
  8. Owh, you will get around 27-30 brioches 😉
the dough

the dough

let the yeast work first :)

let the yeast work first 🙂

after one hour, it's doubling

after one hour, it’s doubling

dont forget this on the top of brioche

dont forget this on the top of brioche

and then bake it

and then bake it

And so, I finally made my first bread, and it is happened to be a French bread! voilaa ! Brioche 😀 Perhaps next time I’d be able to make my own croissant. And surely wishing to give Paris my second, third forth, and many more visits hehe 😀 Yet, these kids still have another thing in their mind: bakwan cumi for tonite snacks since they have to study for tomorrow! Guess I have to spend the whole Sunday in kitchen huh ?

 Well, la vie en rose *playing that Edith Piaf’s new version by Pomplamose*