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Owkay, office stuffs are getting harsh now. So many new information and changes i have to chew on my second day on the new department. Well.. Well.. I have to make a very quick adaptation to that or me left behind.

Remember this “if things are going good, enjoy it. Coz it wont last forever. And if things are going bad, dont worry, it wont last forever either”. And so i go with that saying.

And today, our car was trapped in the traffic triggered by the mass of the final campaigne of the coming elections. Two election in a row. Geez! And i still cant make up my mind of whom i am going to give my votes to.

But this cheesy talk on the way to our project sites really was a shocking news to me who -sorry to say- has been so ignorance with this political events 😛

Lets not make my writting cheesier by adding those kinda talk of rumors: this candidate has several wives, one of the other candidate’s wife is envying his first wife, another candidate’s wife needs a fashion expert to dress her up and make her a descent woman for becoming the first lady (her short pants and tank top were considered not a respectful lady like fashion line haha 😀 wheww!). Another candidate has to adjust the way he behaves, no more party n liquours 😛 oh my God, this is seriously a hillarious country!!

I have to stop b*llsh*tting at this moment, lets not judge people by what so probably merely rumors 😛 But really, this cheesy talk made me think that ain’t a good leader has to be qualified, posseses all good characters to minimise his minuses? And this is important, so hear hear hear ! 😛

IMO, to be a good leader of one big society with its complexity, aint anyone has to be a good leader for his family first? I mean, arent we supposed to considered the way he leads and take care of his family? I think that is how we could figure out the true leadership. Family is a smaller scale of society, smaller scale of complexity..

As for me myself, a true leader should have a strong characters: know what he really wants, firm, a tolerable hard headed to fight what he believes, and know how to get to his destination. I mean, without possessing all those, you’d be only a shadow in your own leadership!! It’s a public secret that many leaders are controlled and so depend on those people behind the scene! Like the puppet and its puppeter 😛

Being a leader means you have to accomodate so many interests, and compromises to make best of your decision. And that is for a long term and calls for a long term responsibilities, not just like this “hit and run and then over, done, and then so what?!”.

And to make things balance, a leader should also has a pair of “ears” to listen, a big heart with a tolerable sensitivity to not hurt people, a pair of “eyes” to really see whats going on and aware of his surrounding. Without those, there would only be a dictator not a leader.

Obviously there are many more things a leader should possess. My wise word (ahem!) to those who have the willingness to be a leader, start by leading yourself first, and then your family. Your type of leadership is most reflected by the way you lead yourself and your family.

And so, who am i going to vote ? 😀