“You didnt get my daughter into anything she wouldnt have gotten into herself”.

I read this smiling. It hits the nail on its head 🙂 I know my mom is also disappointed and upset of my last stories in those dozen months. But not because of what happened to my last stories nor these guys. Rather she disappointed because i was the one who have gotten myself into troubles… Yup, partly, if i could say: i let them into my life.

Hehe… No, they didnt get me into anything i wouldnt have gotten into myself, though they’re the one who started it, who took the leading step to these stories.. But i let them. Sad, if i could say 😛 But thats something unavoidable, thats my way, their way. Thats destiny 🙂

Someday i will remembering and retelling these stories to my offsprings as my bitter sweet youth chapters 🙂