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Hello there!

I welcome you to the new chapter on my blog, 舞子 or 舞妓, A Journal of Dance Child. All about the journey that hopefully soon will be started. I would like to write Keiko, my niece’s name but then.. she will have her own blog someday, and experience & share more fascinated story than her aunt had experienced for  sure 🙂 bless you, baby girl ! (keiko means blessed child).

(舞子 or 舞妓 means Maiko, or a dance child. well, correct me if i misspelled the japanese word!)

September is around the corner but not yet October. Still the excitement of travelling and studying at the new country has already occupied my mind and my days! Well, japan related stuffs have been on my search engine recently 🙂 As one of my bestfriend will also plan to visit Japan nearly the same time as my schedule, and i will as well share the journey (and the class of course!) with my high school senior and classmate in UGM, we share lotsa things on this!

The itineraries (as her main purpose is travelling), what’s to do in japan (we agreed to put strolling around  the shrine or castle wearing Yukata and take so manyyyyy pictures on our list haha 😀 ). And me myself? I had my coat dry cleaned the other day (forgive me for not keeping it clean since i came back home from Netherland :-p). I have created a new folder on my dropbox account, filled up with many articles about Japan.  i have to push myself to work in advance on my proposal. Haha i really have to focus on that last thing as my main purpose to travel to Japan is the internship on urban planning 😀

And thanks God for giving me another chance of learning. My focus on this internship would be the green urban planning, green building related policies. I quoted the urban planning proposal of the area of Shibuya Station (ask me where it’s on earth, i really have no idea 😀 ) which adopted the principal of green building, kinda environmental friendly planning. Along with that, yesterday, (well, last night to be exact), i was proposed to join the government team which currently works on city coping strategy toward climate change, which is sponsored by ICLEI. *finally and hopefully i could bring these theories of livelihood asset, vulnerability, etc into practice! and learning too (as ICLEI already had their own tool in assessing the impact of climate change) ! I heard a “yaaaiyyy” from the inside me haha* I’ll get even busier i know. Note to myself: people might say why bothering helping others, but in fact helping others is actually me helping myself 🙂 So, let’s do the work !

Well, let’s put aside the excitement for a moment and deal with the things i should really have to take care first! As my sponsor is not yet giving me the date of my departure to Japan, as well as the address, ticket, etc, therefore i still can’t apply for visa. I have noted it down on my agenda, probably september by the latest. *urban planner i am :-p*

In the meantime, i have to take care of my leave permit, which i already done! Whithin weeks i got the approval from my boss, city secretary and yesss.. the approval from city Mayor! Thanks to everyone who’s been so helpful 🙂 But then i still have to take care of the real leave permit in the form of a internship license as the official leave permit which will free me from office responsibilities *i could feel burdens being taken away from my shoulder, maaph lebay xixi* Yet, i need the date n duracy of the internship program, that i dont get yet from the sponsor.

So, i guess i still have plenty of time to take care the administration documents as i already had my passport extended before i even applied to the program (yes, i am a well organized girl. sounds weird to you ? 🙂 ).

And here is about passport. When i left Indonesia for my master program in Netherland in October 2010, i used green passport document instead of service passport/blue passpor or passport dinas. At that time, we (students) were allowed to use green passport documents to acquired one year visa and resident permit. So, i dint bother of having a blue passport. Not untill 2012, when i had to be tolerant to a friend who was in trouble in acquiring his blue passport due to the long process. Still it was not for me 🙂 But then it’s nothing new to me, the blue passport :-p

When i got my name announced as the internship students last July, i had a talk with the other two prospective students who one of them was my high school senior (he was also on the same year of master program in Netherland with me, but we took different universities, so he also doesnt have a blue passport) and another one was my classmate in the master program in UGM (she finished her master program in IUJ, therefore she had her blue passport which is now already expired). Due to the long process, distance (none of us lives in Jakarta), and our responsibilities at the office which give us hard time to just slip away a few days processing those documents needed, we finally aggreed not to use blue passport but green passport instead.

But still i want to share to everyone hows & procedures to get a blue passport and the exit permit or visa. Here i copied from a scholarship mailing list. Feel free to take it as a refference 🙂

Paspor RI Dinas
Pembuatan Paspor RI Dinas
Pembuatan Paspor RI Dinas hanya dapat dilakukan di Kementerian Luar Negeri di Jakarta, melalui Direktorat Jenderal Protokol dan Konsuler c/q Direktorat Konsuler, dengan melampirkan surat permohonan dari instansi terkait.

Pelayanan Paspor Diplomatik / Dinas

A. Jenis Permohonan Pelayanan Paspor Diplomatik dan Dinas
  1. Permohonan Paspor Baru Diplomatik / Dinas;
  2. Permohonan Penggantian Paspor Diplomatik / Dinas;
  3. Perpanjangan Paspor Diplomatik / Dinas; dan
  4. Permohonan Izin Berangkat ke Luar Negeri (Exit Permit) dan rekomendasi visa.
B.Hari Kerja
Senin – Jumat pukul 09.00 – 16.00
Penerimaan berkas permohonan:  Pukul 09.00 – 12.00
Istirahat pukul 12.00 -13.00, Jumat at pukul 12.00 – 14.00
C.Biaya Administrasi Pelayanan
Dalam rangka upaya meningkatkan pelayanan publik pada Direktorat Konsuler telah diterbitkan Peraturan Menteri Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia No. 05 Tahun 2008 tanggal 18 Desember 2008 tentang Biaya Penerbitan Paspor Diplomatik dan Paspor Dinas Republik Indonesia. Berdasarkan ketentuan tersebut, maka biaya-biaya yang dipungut dalam pemberian pelayanan paspor diplomatik dan dinas menjadi dinihilkan.
II. A.Dalam Rangka Penugasan ke Luar Negeri
Persyaratan :
  1. Mengajukan surat permohonan penerbitan paspor diplomatik / dinas untuk melaksanakan penugasan ke luar negeri dari Kementerian / Lembaga Pemerintah / Non-Kementerian / Instansi pemohon;
  2. Melampirkan:
  • surat persetujuan penugasan dari Presiden (bagi Menteri dan setingkatnya);
  • surat persetujuan penugasan dari Fraksi (bagi anggota Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat);
  • surat persetujuan penugasan dari Sekretariat Negara (bagi PNS dan BUMN); dan
  • surat perintah (SPRIN) bagi anggota TNI/POLRI.
  •  Mengisi Formulir Permohonan Pelayanan Paspor (download form 1 dan form 2 ) (control+klik kiri pada mouse untuk mengunduh form);

3. Melampirkan fotokopi kartu pegawai/ kartu tanda anggota yang telah dilegalisir oleh pejabat kepegawaian dari instansi yang bersangkutan;

4.  Melampirkan pasfoto terbaru ukuran 4×6 sebanyak 3 lembar dengan latar belakang warna putih dengan keterangan:
  • Pria: mengenakan PSL / kemeja berdasi, tidak berkaca mata dan tidak memakai tutup kepala (kopiah). Bila mengenakan kemeja berdasi, kemeja tidak berwarna putih; dan
  • Wanita: mengenakan pakaian rapi / sopan / boleh berjilbab / tidak menutup dahi dan tidak berkaca mata.
II. B.Dalam Rangka Pelaksanaan Tugas Belajar di Luar Negeri.
Persyaratan :
  1. Melampirkan semua persyaratan sebagaimana tersebut pada butir II A; dan
  2. Melampirkan fotokopi kartu pegawai yang telah dilegalisir oleh pejabat yang berwenang pada Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional dan Universitas yang bersangkutan / Instansi lainnya (bagi tenaga pengajar yang melaksanakan tugas belajar di luar negeri).

Untuk pemegang paspor diplomatik/dinas perlu juga untuk mengajukan exit permit. Dan sekiranya diperlukan, Kemlu juga dapat menerbitkan rekomendasi visa bagi pemegang paspor dinas/diplomatik. Persyaratannya sebagai berikut:

Exit permit atau izin berangkat ke luar negeri adalah izin yang diberikan kepada WNI pemegang paspor diplomatik dan dinas RI yang akan melakukan perjalanan ke luar wilayah negara RI.
Exit permit yang diberikan oleh Kementerian Luar Negeri berlaku selama 2 (dua) bulan. Apabila setelah jangka waktu tersebut berakhir namun yang bersangkutan belum berangkat ke luar negeri maka yang bersangkutan harus mengajukan permohonanexit permit yang baru.
Sejak tanggal 1 Maret 2010 Kementerian Luar Negeri c.q. Direktorat Konsuler menerapkan pemberian exit permit dalam bentuk stiker yang ditempelkan dalam paspor diplomatik dan dinas, menggantikan exit permit bentuk stempel/ cap.
Persyaratan :
  1. Mengajukan surat permohonan izin berangkat ke luar negeri (exit-permit) dan rekomendasi visa untuk penugasan ke luar negeri dari Kementerian/ Lembaga Pemerintah/ Non-Kementerian / Instansi pemohon;
  2. Melampirkan:
  • surat persetujuan penugasan dari Presiden bagi Menteri dan setingkatnya);
  • surat persetujuan penugasan dari Fraksi (bagi anggota Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat);
  • surat persetujuan penugasan dari Sekretariat Negara (bagi PNS dan BUMN); dan
  • surat perintah (SPRIN) bagi anggota TNI/POLRI

3. Mengisi Formulir Permohonan Pelayanan Paspor (download form); dan

 4.  Bagi mereka yang tinggal berdiam di luar negeri (dalam rangka tugas belajar atau bekerja pada Perwakilan RI di luar negeri), melampirkan copy surat permohonan exit permit dari Perwakilan RI di luar negeri, dan disertai copy surat persetujuan Sekretariat Negara bagi yang melaksanakan tugas belajar ke luar negeri.
Kementerian Luar Negeri menerbitkan nota diplomatik kepada Perwakilan Asing negara tujuan berisi permohonan visa sesuai dengan maksud kunjungan.
So, that’s the procedures so far 🙂
If your sponsor or the country you’ll be travelling to doesnt required a blue passport, then you shoul feel safe traveling with your green passport as long as it is still valid (be aware of the expiry date of your passport). And dont forget to make a copy of your passport in case you lost it when you travel.
Now, i gotta go. I have an appointment about that climate change coping strategy this afternoon. i need to read some arcticle before the discussion.
So, see yaaa everyone!