I believe that you going away should be an adventure and, while each day shouldn’t be planned, a smart traveler reads up before they go. (Nomadic Matt)

Owkay, first thing first! It’s 23 days to go. Yes, i know, still have enough time to get prepared. As there will be APEC meeting held in Bali, all flight from Kansai – Denpasar and Denpasar – Kansai will be temporarily closed during the event. That means the Asia Seed need to re-arrange our flight which was previously arranged to be on October 5th, Cengkareng – Denpasar – Kansai. Perhaps that’s why we have not receiving our tickets yet. Well i dont mind using direct flight to Narita and then transfer to another flight from Narita to Kansai, blessing in disguised haha 😀 This also made me postpone visa application.

The main purpose of this trip is  the enhancement program, shall i remind myself to prioritize the academic writing and studying stuffs on the first place, which i already did. Well, least to say that i have already contacted the previous participants and asked them to kindly send me their final paper as my refferences 😀 (again, both of them are my seniors. Uni Rini was my senior in high school and engineering faculty. Mas Evan was my senior in master program and when he stayed in Rotterdam during a short course, he sometimes dropped by to meet my roommate in Weenapad. Yeah, world is that small).

Since this is not my very first time traveling overseas and be far away from home for a long period of time (though this time is shorter, only a month), i have got clued up about the preparation. There is no exaggerate preparation this time. Yet, Japan is not Netherland, not an European country, nor Jogja 🙂 I use a little sometimes googling everything i need to know before i moved to Jogja (like using the google earth to find out where my campus and lodge house will be and how it would look like hehehe 😀 owkay, i am that detail :-p ), which i also did when i was about to move to Rotterdam.  So, this time i’d better get clued up about places, people, their habits, culture, weather, food, language, transport, etc.

As Matt said, a smart traveler reads up before they go, so i do read. I added some friends of friends on my FB account in order to “read” their experience while living in Japan, and ask them bunch of questions 🙂 And thanks God they are so kind and helpful ! (the other day i got an email with an attachment of Haram Inggredient list from a new friend on FB, well thank you !). And i came to a very important conclusion about language problem that i’ll soon experience :-p

Before i departed to Netherland, i took Dutch course in Jogja though i never finished it since i have to catch up with my research progress. Yet, i found a very helpful website where i could learn Dutch. And i downloaded all postcad (not postcard) from the web 😀 And when i was in Netherland, i also took Dutch Course with ibu Djena. A very nice lady 🙂 Owh, for anyone who intend to study or travel to Netherland, you can google “Laura Speak Dutch” and learn online from that website 🙂

met ibu Djena, mijn lerares before i went back home Indonesia

met ibu Djena, mijn lerares before i went back home Indonesia

And yesterday as i had a conversation with my Boss, she asked “have you learn japanese?”. I simply shrugged my head, said “nope, it will only for a month. I dont think i need to learn the language”. I did learned a bit as i was selected as Citynet Secondment Staff in 2008 (or 2009?). Years ago, and since i had to cancel it, i also quit learning that language and forget about it, AT ALL 🙂 She continued “you shall learn, even though a basic conversation”. So i went to a bookstore and had an Indonesia-Jepang Jepang-Indonesia on my shopping chart haha 😀

pocket dictionary :)

pocket dictionary 🙂

Well, that’s another preparation to me. Read a lot about Japan and Kyoto particularly, and try to learn their language (in less than 3 weeks hahaha :-p ). I’ve been travelling to some non English Speaking Countries, yet they still use the same alphabet. Though i dont get the exact meaning of their words, i could guess what they were trying to convey, not so illiterate 🙂 But Japanese, haha 😀 That’s definitely a thing ! So, call this an epic preparation as i knew a friend needed months to learn that language before he departed!

Another preparation? Well, since i brought back and kept my 4 seasons stuffs in good condition (yes, it was 89 Euro authentic Zara coat and 50 euro C&A coat, which i couldnt afford with my civil servant salary, that explains :-p), there is no need to buy a new coat, wool gloves and socks, thermal underwear whatsoever. A friend o’mine who also will leave to Japan but to different internship texted me yesterday, telling me she already spent lotsa money on stuff like these haha 😀 Perhaps she didnt keep her 4seasons stuff like i did (she been studying in Erasmus and Harvard too!) so she has another kind of epic preparation hahaha 😀 I’d be happy shopping but not here, besides Kyoto wont be that cold in October, so I’ll just pick what i need from my wardrobe and pack them into my luggage 🙂

And that’s what i need to write on this chapter today 🙂

PS: i know its kinda rude to make fun of people’s linguistic error. but do understand that i am not a native of any English Speaking country, so correct me for any mistake instead of making fun of it like people these days do to what so called piki supiki trilili’s linguistic style 🙂