First update on my very first day in Kyoto, Japan !

Praise be to Allah the Almighty for every blessing He set on my way  here to Japan. Frankly saying, being here in Japan, it was like living a dream which once was ended up because you had to wake up from your sleep not knowing why, and then you tried so very hard to get back to sleep and continue your dream.. but it was gone.. you didnt even remember how it ended up. and all of sudden you got the chance to be in that dream, living it, in reality ! Thats exactly how i feel today ! So happy that i could almost be so hysterical with happiness haha 😀

Owkay, it was 3 october 2010 that i went to Netherland with this Malaysian Airlines. and yesterday 5 October 2013 i had another flight with it but i was heading to Kansai, Japan. The flight went smooth, except that i was woke up several times due to the weather announcement broadcasted by the flight crew. But overall it was all good. Hey btw, we ran so very fast from the arrival gate to the transit gate in KLIA :-p We’re not sure wether the time written in our boarding pass was using Indonesia time or Malaysia time :-p So, yes we did ran to catch the aerotrain which delivered us to the next gate where we supposed to transfer to our connection flight to Kansai.

at KLIA waiting for the connecting flight to Kansai

at KLIA waiting for the connecting flight to Kansai

And voilaaaa.. finally my eyes catched the sun rise, my watch showed it was 4.00 am, still very early and we’re about 2 hours to Kansai, but the sun was already shines so i do my Subuh prayer immediately. Kansai is so beautiful, i guess it’s constructed like a manmade island on the sea! Well, i guess so :-p gotta google and read about this for sure hehe 😀 But yes, it’s surrounded by the sea!

Get ready to the best part of today experience! 😉

As we landed, proceeded to the toilet (eating so many things during nite flight, you really have to brush your teeth before you explore the country hahah 😀 ) and then we continued to the immigration desks.

People were on queue, there were two groups of immigration desks in Kansai airport, some are for foreigners, some are for Japan citizens. So, we queued up on those lines for foreigner. First greeting was from the officer who asked as about the name of our address. We didnt quite sure what he was asking for as his English was sounded a bit unsual to us haha 😀 so we just wrote down the name of the Profesor who invited us as the PHRD fellowship in the Ritsumeikan University, later on i realized that he was asking the name or our apato (apartemen) which adress was written on our immigration form 😀

I was the latest on our small group who proceeding to the immigration desk. The officer who scanned my immigration documents is a lot younger that the first officer. He read my city name and seemed like he knows it as he nodded several times and said “hai..”. But he then called somebody else, and then asked several question to the officer on the next immigration desks. It took a little more time for him to scan my documents, and then he said “wait here” after he scanned my fingerprints and my eyes. I spontaneusly asked him “is there anything wrong with my documents?”. He took a glanced at my documents and me, and then said “they have miss-typed your gender!”.

Owhhhh my God !!! on my service passport, it was written “M” for my gender !!! and it was also written the same thing on my visa !! owh my God owh my God, my data for visa and service passport was incorrect!!! But i already entered Japan !!!

Camera 360

Then this officer reffered me to another officer who then asked me to follow him to his office. Uhmm.. seemed it was the office for those who has troubles or problem on entering a foreign country, either as an illegal immigrant or whatsoever! and gosh !! i had to deal with this kinda office today !! I was panic but kept myself looked calm :-p

There were three foreigners at that office, a nice good looking guy (european i guess), an old man (Indian or well yeah looks like one), and me! So i waited for his final decision as i couldnt go anywhere nor walked out of the airport if my documents were not verified. I didnt know who was he called and what they were talking about. I just waited and texted my 2 friends who probably were worried as i couldnt proceed like them. But alas, they have not activated their international roaming so my texts were just evaporated together with the tail wind of the aeroplanes in Kansai airport hahah 😀

That officer came back to me and asked me something in English but his english was not understandable for me… his japanese accent… i asked him to elaborate what he was saying. and then he used his gestures together with his japanese language. I shrugged my head and said “could you please explain it in English?”. and he can not find the appropriate word in English.. and then i asked him “Do you want me to show my another identity documents? I bring two passports, but one without japanese visa since i am on an official visit.” He then pointed at the name of the profesor i wrote on that immigration form. I told him “I am here as the fellowship of an internship program at Ritsumeikan University, this is the name of profesor who invited me, and i’ll be staying in kyoto”. He again, instead of speaking english, said something in japanese ! And i asked him once again to explain it in english, but he couldnt huhuuuuuu 😦 me, getting stress here ! and finally i remembered this and said so fluently to him “WATASHIWA NIHONGO GA WAKARIMASEN”… haha 😀 It was not only him and me who was stunned with my little japanese words and accents, but also this nice european young guy :-p

Hahahaha 😀 the inside me cant stop laughing, seriously ! Right after i said this to him, he went back to his desk and came back to me handing over my documents. I asked him “Is that all? I wont get any troubles with this?”. He nodded and said “hai”.. Pfyuuuhhhhhh ! I replied to him “ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU” and bowed my body 😀

Pfyuuuhhhhhhh !!! hurrayyyyyy !!! i can enter Japan, finally !!!

So it went this way! I didnt plan to use a service passport for my departure to Japan. It’s only for a short stay, even i used the common green passport when i studied for the whole one year in Netherland. So why bothering using the blue or service passport? But then my documents were sending to the institution at the provincial level, and they established a recommendation for me to get a blue passport, cc to the related ministry and institution at the national level. So, whithin 2 weeks i was offered to use service passport, and somebody would take care of the documents untill it all clear and visa obtained. And i aggreed to this, and just received my service passport and visa on Friday afternoon, a day to my departure. And since i was still not feeling well, under medication, and extremely exhausted, i just checked out whether my name, place and date of birth were correctly typed on those documents. So i barely paid attention to the gender written :-p

But those are blessing in disguised, dont you think ? What if i realized the miss-typed on that friday afternoon? the officer who was responsible for proceeding my documents might have to replace my documents and it will take somedays to finish and it means there will be cancellation for my departure to japan :-p But again, i am so lucky ! as i passed the immigration check at Soekarno – Hatta airport, and then also passed the immigration check at Kuala Lumpur international airpport ! and finally passed the final immigration check at Kansai airport 😀 Hahaha.. really… this is really a very nice experience, on the very first day !! 😀

So, this is the update of my first day in Kyoto, Japan.

look at the attire of the co-driver who drove us to our apartment today in Kyoto :)

look at the attire of the co-driver who drove us to our apartment today in Kyoto 🙂

and today i went walking half sleeping to the centrum (it looks like centrum in Netherland) in the karawamachi area, bought some basic needs like universal electric socket and wi-fi reuter. and again lucky me ! my baby brother bought the universal electric socket for me before i departed, and he also bought me a multi function powerbank which also function as wi-fi router! Yippieee ! so i can connect to watsapp, line, viber, instagram, you name it! 😀 Owh well, this is also my first incovenient note about Japan that their tellecomunication system is different and somehow inconvenient for me as i can’t use my handphone to its maximum use :-p Back in time in Netherland, we can easily buy the local phone number and use it freely without signing a contract, pretty much the same as in Indonesia.

what was the name? teramachi ? something like that :D

what was the name? teramachi ? something like that 😀

and my apato (apartemen) is so nice and fully furnished, bath tub, washing machine, fridge, stove, air conditioner (in Rotterdam we dont have AC but big windows instead, and the heat wasnt that bad during summer), TV, microwave (but i still couldnt cook rice by using microwave with japanese letters instruction, and they forgot to give us spoon, or perhaps it’s bcoz chopsticks are most used here?) ! though it is smaller than the apartemen i had in Rotterdam. And i really have to work really hard to get used to its small kitchen.. reallyyyyy small 😀 Here is a sneak peek to a corner of my petite apato.

it's a petite bedroom

it’s a petite bedroom

Will write again soon! me, jet lag here :-p