Surely i am not the only one who had underwent surgery. A prepared soul, that what makes handling pain after the surgery will differ and is somehow very personally.

I was diagnosed having an ovarian cyst & appendicitis at Friday, March the 7th, around 10 or 11 am. And then at 11 pm, i underwent surgery. Two surgeries in a row, appendectomy and ovarian cyst removal which turned out to be a laparotomy, ovarium removal. I never knew that i had a ovarian cyst neither did i knew i had appendicitis, not untill that day. So, the day i knew i had them was the day i lost them. Tell me how good should my preparation in handling the pain, both emotional & physical?

Physical pain…

Woke up from anesthesia, i felt extremely exhausted & pain on my incision.  I got a long vertical abdomen cut, that explains.  I cried calling for doctors. I got nausea, a very bad one, and every time i tried to vomit, i felt like my belly is about to explode, in pain. I was shocked with the pain.

Then I  was told cough and sneezing could also cause the same pain on my belly. So, I shield myself from anything that makes me cough or sneezing (thanks God, day 8th post surgery and not a single sneezing!). And i can not laugh freely, same affect will occurs. Owh hell, even laugh is not a best medicine post surgery :-p

Today is the day 8th post surgery, i feel a lot better. I could take shower and get dressed without any assistance, walk to the kitchen to take my meal, etc since day 6th. But i still can not bow my body. I am not allowed to lift more than just a bottle of water weight. There are limitations…

But i made great progress physically, they say


A pregnant woman, she knows 2 possibility of giving birth, either a normal vaginal birth or caesarean section. She would prepare for both, read a lot, find out more of every possibility. Says she will have more knowledge on what she’s going through, emotionally & physically prepared. Likewise, people with a long time period symptoms, says they also have a “better preparation”, they know what their disease are, they have knowledge on how to handle it, they know what their options are.

While me.. all of sudden, “you got an ovarian cyst. big one. toxic fluids on your belly. the cyst is broken. you got no other option, you lost one of your ovariums, end of the story”

As soon as i was strong enough to hold my smartphone, i went googling any relates thing with living with only one ovarium, the chance to get pregnant, the complication possibility, etc.

What i found was these ladies are married, they lost one of their ovarium due to ectopic pregnancy or cyst or whatsoever. But they are MARRIED, and at least had experience pregnancy… Great, i thank God that me and my boyfriend broke up (again) before i knew i had ovarian cyst and lost one of my ovarium 🙂 Well, isnt it better that way? Isnt it easier to accept the one who accept you and your flaw instead of being left because of your flaw? Though i had no idea if he will leave me or not for this reason, he is a nice guy anyway and he had no idea of what i’ve just been going through 🙂 Yet, who on earth will willing to marry a girl who said to have less chance to get pregnant? Yes, i am at my lowest point of self esteem…

But this too shall pass 🙂

Family’s & friend’s suppports are really is the best medicine for me right now. I will be allright soon, keeping my only ovarium healthy, and this belly will be strong enough to carry babies someday, insya allah 🙂