It’s been a week since i started my medication, the therapy (up to the next 6 months). I noted down every detail in my “pink diary”, like how much do i gain or loose weight when i was released from the hospital, then right before the therapy started and when it is in progress; my waist band size; acne, period, etc.

Though my medication is supposed for good, to prevent me from having cyst recurrence, to fix the imbalance hormones inside me, to keep everything else inside me stays healthy, i feel the anxiety overload nonetheless. What happened on that day, 5 weeks ago, was really a traumatic experience to me, that explains.

Been reading so many articles about the side effects of medication i am taking now, sharing with some friends who also former ovary cyst sufferers (all of them were never given such therapy like i do have now), i am scared of these side effects. Lucky me, on this first week of the therapy, i didnt gain weight as predicted, i didnt have a bad hairfall, i only had one big pimple haha :D, i didnt feel dizzy, i didnt have a bad swing of mood (except when i remember the old days when my ex and i argued the number of our future children, discussed about one year full leave i would take everytime i deliver his baby…)

Now i am having my fingers crossed: that i am among those 25 % patients who do not suffer all these side effects, that i am among those number who stays healthy-no cyst recurrence post ovary removal, that i am among those women who are able to get pregnant and deliver healthy baby even with only one ovary left.

Despite this anxiety, i do believe in prayer šŸ™‚